Gasket Kit (Oil Change) | Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175
Honda CB175 / CL175 Gasket Kit: Oil Change

Gasket Kit (Oil Change) | Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175

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CMC Part Number:4176
  • OEM Part:91301-216-000, 91305-426-003, 91305-216-000, 91310-MG7-003, 91305-634-961, 91309-700-000, 91309-302-000, 91304-HB3-003, 91302-200-000, 91302-943-003, 15219-302-000, 11691-354-306, 11691-216-000, 11691-354-000, 11394-302-306, 11394-302-010
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Part: Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175 Gasket Kit: Oil Change

Why You Need This: When you change your oil on your CB175, CL175 Scrambler, or SL175 you should always check and clean your oil filter and oil pick-up tube. This means taking off certain parts and removing several gaskets and o-rings. In the past, this meant piecing together old gaskets with goo or getting incomplete gasket kits where you never use all the gaskets. Common Motor Collective made a specific gasket kit just for CB175 / CL175 / SL175 oil changes with exactly what you need to remove the side cover and clean the oil rotor, pick-up tube, and the oil pump. See the kit listings below to see the contents of each kit. Be sure to pick up some chain lube to round out the maintenance and anti-seize for when you re-install your bolts. If you have not switched to the Allen head bolt kit do yourself a favor and order one today.

NOTE #1: This kit will also fit the CD175 and CA175 series of bikes. 

NOTE#2: This kit will NOT fit the 1968 CL175 K1 sloper engine. The sloper engine is based on the CB160 platform. 

Installation Tip: Clean all surfaces and remove any remaining gasket material using a razor blade some acetone. Lightly grease new gaskets when installing to keep them from sticking or ripping when removing in the future.

Honda CB175 / CL175 Gasket Kits
Oil Change Gasket Kit
(Includes Gaskets A-H)
AStator Rotor Cover Bolt O-Rings3
BOil Rotor Cover O-Ring1
COil Filter Cover O-Ring Small1
DOil Filter Cover O-Ring Large 1
EOil Drain Plug O-Ring 1
FOil Pump Gasket 1
GStator Rotor Cover Gasket1
HRight Crankcase Cover Gasket1
Service Gasket Kit
(Includes Gaskets A-M)
IPoints Cover Gasket1
JIntake Manifold O-rings2
KIntake Manifold Gaskets2
LLeft Crankcase Cover Gasket1
MTop Cam Cover Gasket1
Overhaul Gasket Kit
(Includes Gaskets A-Y)
NCylinder Base Gasket1
OHead Gasket1
PExhaust Gaskets (copper)2
QCamshaft End Cover2
RDipstick O-Ring1
SClutch Lifter Adjuster O-Ring1
TValve Cover O-Ring4
UExhaust Guide to Head O-Rings2
VTensioner Bolt O-Ring1
WCylinder Head Dowel Oil Passage O-Ring2
XExhaust Valve Stem Seal Upper2
YExhaust Valve Stem Seal Lower2


This Oil Change Gasket Kit Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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