Angled Boot Pod Air Filters | Honda CB175 / CL175 / CB200
Angled Boot Pod Air Filter for Honda CB175 / CL175 / CB200 | Sold in Pairs

Angled Boot Pod Air Filters | Honda CB175 / CL175 / CB200

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UP: Angled Boot Pod Air Filters
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Angled Boot Pod Air Filters for Honda CB175 / CL175 Scrambler / SL175** / CB200* / CL200* Motorcycles

Note: Sold as a Pair with a mounting clamp.

Why You Need This:

Air filters are a frequent missing element on vintage Honda motorcycles, and factory-style replacements for the CB175 / CL175 / CB200* are not an easy thing to find. There are not many original new old stock filters left out there; what few are out there are incredibly expensive.

Standard, straight-style pod filters do not fit correctly on the CB175 / CL175 / CB200* and CL200* due to the shape of the motorcycle's frame. Basically, the frame is in the way, not allowing enough room for straight type pod filters to fit.

We have found a way to resolve these two problems with one part. Our exclusive angled boot pod air filters are the answer! The angled boot allows the pod to fit on the end of the carburetor and still clear the center spine of the motorcycle frame without draining the bank. Additionally, these pod filters will fit under the factory side covers on Honda CB175 / CL175 Scrambler and CB200* motorcycles. Sold in pairs with mounting clamps, the angled boot pod air filters are also washable. You may need to swap out the main jet or move the slide needle clip on each carburetor to compensate for the adjusted airflow.

Installation Tip:

Pod filters are a snug fit on the ends of carburetors by the center spine of the frame. You will need to push the pod boot as far as it will fit on the carb opening, then snug the clamp on so that it stays in place. Be mindful not to over-tighten the clamp, because it will cause the pod filter to pop right off of the carburetor. Filters are washable, air dry but do not oil.


*CB200 / CB200T / CL200: The angled pod fits on the motorcycle and carburetors well but the side covers will not fit without modification.

**SL175: Side covers will not fit without modification.

***CB175K0 / CL175K0: Filters have not been tested but we suspect they will work.

These Angled Boot Pod Filters are used on these Honda Motorcycles

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