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Ignition Condenser | Honda CB175 / CB200
Ignition Condenser | Honda CB175 / CB200

Ignition Condenser | Honda CB175 / CB200

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CMC Part Number:3198
  • OEM Part:30280-237-154, 30280-237-005
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Part: Honda CB175 / CB200 Ignition Condenser

Why You Need This: The ignition condenser is one of the failure-prone parts of the ignition system. Even if your Honda CB175, CL175 Scrambler, CB200 or CL200 Scrambler looks to be in great condition, condensers wear out. Contrary to most wear parts, condensers do not physically move, but as a key part of the ignition system, they see a lot of use. The condenser keeps the points from wearing out and keeps the ignition coil charged at high speed. How to spot a bad condenser? Burnt points and a sputtering a high revs are sure signs to check your condenser. 

Installation Tip: When diagnosing a condenser problem, remove the points cover in a dark place and look for a bright spark or arc every time the points open. However, a small spark every few seconds is acceptable. If your vintage Honda looks like it might have been re-wired by a previous owner, you may need to reroute the wires connecting to the ignition coil. Keep in mind that the condenser needs a good contact to ground on the frame, so clean the surface where the condenser bolts on.

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