Front Wheel Bearing & Seal Kit (Drum Brake) | Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175 / CL200
Front Wheel Bearing & Seal Kit (Drum Brake) | Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175 / CL200

Front Wheel Bearing & Seal Kit (Drum Brake) | Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175 / CL200

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UP: Wheel Bearing Dust Seal :
#10041 (x1)
UP: Wheel Bearing Dust Seal:
#10043 (x1)
UP: Front Wheel Bearing :
#10052 (x2)

Part: Wheel Bearing Front (Drum Brake Models) Includes Dust Seal and Speedometer Seal | Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175 / CL200

Why You Need This: Wheel bearings do some serious work on your  Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175 / CL200, yet they are often overlooked when it comes to time for service work. Wheel bearings can wear in multiple ways, anywhere from running dry, high mileage or subject to the elements via neglect (running the bike through the mud puddle). If the front wheel bearings on your Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175 / CL200 are oozing grease, feel "crunchy", or if the wheel has lateral play (back and forth movement perpendicular to the axle) or is not turning smoothly that is a sign for wheel bearing replacement. New bearings will keep the front wheel running true for accurate steering control. Our front wheel bearing kit comes with a fresh pair of per-lubricated European made wheel bearings, new seals for the speedometer drive and drum.

Installation Tip: Use a heat gun to heat the hub when removing the old bearings. Use a long punch to drive out the old bearings and then use a large socket or tube as a driver tool to install the new bearings. Chilling the bearings in the freezer an hour before install will make the process easier. Make sure that the socket or tubing used for the driver tool matches the diameter of the outer race of the bearing; this is the proper way to press in the bearings. If you press in the new bearings by pushing on the inner race or the blue dust shields you will damage the bearing during installation.

These Front Wheel Bearings Fit These Honda Motorcycles

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