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Spark Plug NGK D8HA | Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175
Spark Plug NGK D8HA | Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175

Spark Plug NGK D8HA | Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175

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CMC Part Number:3033
  • Replaces OEM Part:98066-58714, 98066-58717, 98066-58723, 98066-58727
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Part: Spark Plug NGK D8HA for Honda CB175 / CL175 Scrambler / SL175

Why You Need This: Spark plug swap is part of the standard vintage motorcycle maintenance list of the Honda CB175 / CL175 Scrambler / SL175. Too bad that over the years some knuckle dragger with a wrench just popped in whatever plug fit in the hole, so there is no telling what might show up on your bike. The correct spark plug for the Honda CB175 / CL175 Scrambler / SL175 engines is the NGK D8HA. Sold individually, two are needed per bike. If you are doing some carburetor jet tuning get a few sets to read the color of the porcelain tip based on fuel mixture. These NGK D8HA use a small size 18 mm hex and our long reach spark plug socket will take them out with ease.

Note: CB200 & CL200 engine are based on the CB175, however the bikes use a different size spark plug.

Installation Tip: Unscrew the terminal stud on top of the plug to expose the threads. Gap the plugs to .030", use a dab of light oil on the threads and tighten till snug.

This NGK D8HA Spark Plug Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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