Front Drum Brake Cable | Honda CB175 K3-K7
Front Drum Brake Cable | Honda CB175 K3-K7

Front Drum Brake Cable | Honda CB175 K3-K7

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CMC Part Number:2305
  • Replaces OEM Part:45450-283-600, 45450-223-000, 45450-351-000, 45450-235-010, 45450-235-671
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Part: Front Drum Brake Cable for Honda CB175 K3-K7 Motorcycles

Why You Need This Part: Does the front brake of your Honda CB175K3 / CB175K4 / CB175K5 / CB175K6 / CB175K7 feel stiff? The front drum brake cables on these vintage beauties tend to get sticky with dirt and rust buildup over the years making it hard for the cable to move inside the housing. Ditch your frozen cable for a new one that glides like butter. Our Honda CB175 K3-K7 front drum brake cable measures 47.5" in length and is just what you need to have your vintage Honda riding smooth as new. It is a great complement to a fresh set of front brake shoes. Remember, the smoother and easier it is to squeeze the front brake the more stopping power you put to the front drum. Adding a power brake lever will help out here as well.

Brake Cable Length:

  • Housing Length: 43 inches
  • Total Length: 47.5 inches

Installation Tip: Before you install the new brake cable on your bike, lubricate it with some light oil at each end as well as the pivot at the clutch handle. Repeat this process once a year and you'll keep the cable in great shape.

This Drum Brake Cable fits the following Honda Motorcycles

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