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Headlight & Charging System Bundle
Headlight & Charging System Bundle

Headlight & Charging System Bundle

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  • Replaces OEM Part:33120-283-000, 33100-283-000, 33120-292-673, 33100-292-674, 33120-333-670, 33100-286-672, 33100-369-671, 31400-292-670, 31700-455-671, 31700-292-008, 31400-292-670, 31700-358-305, 1500-460-672AH, 31500-283-000, 31500-292-670, 31500-310-671, 31500-310-672, 98203-22250
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Select Headlight:
35w Bulb
Regulator / Rectifier
Select Battery:
Optional Add On Part: Headlight Bracket
Optional Add On Part: Battery Charger
#3080 [+$15.00]

Part: Headlight Bundle for Honda CB350 / CL350 Scrambler | CB360 / CL360 | CB450

Why You Need This: The reality about the headlight on your old Honda CB350 / CL350 Scrambler / CB360 / CL360 / CB450  is that it anemic at best. If you are still running the original sealed beam from the 70's then you have headlight that operates in one of three modes, dim, dimmer and off. Our halogen headlight bucket with a replaceable H4 bulb is a significant upgrade from the original. 

We have assembled a kit includes a new metal headlight bucket (chrome or black) with lens (6.25") that takes a H4 sized halogen bulb, which is brighter and easier to change than the original 70's sealed unit. Induced is a 35/35 watt halogen H4 bulb for both the high and low beam, which means more light, without overworking the charging system as most typical H4 bulbs are higher wattage, which the system can not keep up with. Mounting and wiring hardware is included. The kit also includes our combo modernized regulator rectifer to upgrade from the failure prone originals. Finally we throw in a top of the line Moto Batt AGM battery. AGM batteries are superior to the old lead acid batteries and work seamlessly with the charging system as opposed to lithium batteries. With features like stainless hardware, brass terminals, multi point connection access and a 2 year warranty this is the final piece of the electrical system upgrade. 

Honda CB350 / CL350 Scrambler / CB360 / CL360 / CB450 Halogen Headlight & Charging System Bundle

  • 6.25" Headlight Lens & Bucket (chrome or black) w/ mounting hardware
  • 35W / 35W H4 Halogen Bulb
  • Combo Regulator Rectifier
  • Moto Batt AGM Battery

Optional Parts @ Discount Prices:

  • Headlight Mounting Brackets 
  • Battery Charger

Installation Tip: Clean your connectors well to remove any corrosion, we suggest soldering in the new headlight socket over crimp connectors. The combo regulator rectifer replaces both the factory regulator and rectifier. Depending on the bike you are working on, the new regulator rectifier can be mounted to the original voltage regulator bracket by elongating the holes with a round file. The original regulator and rectifier can be unplugged from the wiring harness and the new one simply connected. If your bike has the round style connection plug (many CB450's) then the old plug on the harness must be cut off and the new connector included with the unit must be plugged in. We highly recommend soldering the new leads into the system rather than just crimping on the connectors. The sole black wire connects where the black wire from the voltage regulator was connected to the harness. Some early bikes do not have a voltage regulator - only a rectifier. If you're unsure if this unit will work with your battery check our battery FAQ.

This Headlight & Charging System Kit Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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