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Honda CB350 / CB360 Valve Spring Kit
Honda CB350 / CB360 Valve Spring Kit

Honda CB350 / CB360 Valve Spring Kit

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CMC Part Number:4087
  • Replaces OEM Part:14751-286-000, 14761-286-020, 14771-369-010, 14771-369-000, 14771-286-020, 14781-286-020, 14775-369-000
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Part: Honda CB350 / CB360 Valve Spring Kit

Why You Need This: Just like an old mattress, the springs in the cylinder heads of your Honda CB350 or CB360 can become worn out with use. While the original spring might be in decent shape if you plan on just puttering around town at low RPM on your stock CB350 / CB360; however, if you are planning on spinning that little Swiss watch of an engine to the red-line all the time, a fresh set of valve springs will keep the top end of your engine working like it is supposed to. A soft set of stock valve springs could cause the valves to "float" at higher RPM, which means that the valves are out of synchronization the the cam, rockers and the pistons. This can cause not only lack of power but a catastrophic part failure at high speed. If you are planning on racing or just want a performance upgrade then our valve spring kit will keep the valve train in tact on your Honda CB350 or CB360 twin.

Our performance valve spring kit includes:

  • Inner & Outer Valve Springs x 4
  • Titanium Valve Keepers x 4 (for lighter reciprocation mass)
  • Valve Spring Bases x 4
  • Valve Locks x 8

The performance valve spring kit will work with the stock valves (7mm stems) on your Honda CB350 or CB360 as well as the stock or our performance intake bronze valve guides and exhaust bronze valve guides.

Installation Tip: We suggest installing the performance valve spring kit after doing a complete rebuild on the cylinder head. A C-clamp style valve spring compressor should be used to properly install the springs and retainers. All of the original valve spring components, including original bases need to be removed before installing the new bases and the springs.

This Valve Spring Kit Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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