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Suspension & Steering Bundle
Suspension & Steering Bundle

Suspension & Steering Bundle

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CMC Part Number:SSPBNDL1
  • Replaces OEM Part:52400-286-670XW, 52400-455-670XW, 52400-317-670XW, 52400-455-670XW, 52400-317-700XW, 52400-369-000, 52400-458-670, 52400-292-670XW, 52400-390-681XW, 52400-323-010XW, 52400-318-670, 52400-456-670, 53211-268-010, 53211-268-000, 53211-268-305, 50301-268-010, 50301-268-000, 50301-268-305, 50302-268-010, 50302-268-000, 50302-268-305, 53212-250-010, 53212-250-000, 53212-250-305, 53214-250-000, 53124-250-000, 53215-250-000, 96211-08000, 91254-413-881, 91255-413-881, 91255-369-000, 91255-312-003, 91255-286-003, 51611-300-000, 51425-375-003, 91255-292-003, 91255-300-013, 91255-KBH-003, 91255-MA6-013, 91255-300-025, 91255-300-033, 91255-KBH-003, 1255-KBH-003, 91255-KBH-003

Tapered Roller Steering Bearings
Fork Seals EZ Install
Optional Add-On: CB450 / CB550 Style Fork Gaiters
#8019 [+$20.00]
Optional Add-On: Fork Dust Boots
#8001 CB360 Style - 33mm [+$15.00]
#8008 CB500T Style - 35mm [+$15.00]

Part: Honda CB350 / CL350 Scrambler / CB360 / CL360 / CJ360 / CB450 / CL450 Scrambler / CB500T / CB550 / CB500K Suspension And Steering Bundle

Why You Need This: The steering and suspensions tends to be one of the most over looked areas of the these vintage Honda motorcycles. We are shocked at all the fancy show bikes we see still rocking the original tired rear shocks! Sure the forks spring back, handlebars turn and shocks "feel" ok when just sitting on the bike, but the real test is what happens when buzzing down the bumpy city streets. Chances are if the forks have not been rebuilt, steering bearings swapped out and rear shocks replaced, the bike will ride like a wobbly pogo stick. From the factory the suspension on these bikes were a bit soft and it has only gotten worse with time. Time to fix up your suspension to exceed the factory specifications! We have assembled a steering and suspension rebuild kit with all the critical parts to make your bike's handling as tight as a drum* (*good tires also play a critical role too!). 

The heavy duty rear shocks 320mm same as the factory shock but have a higher rate spring and thus are better for the larger bikes (CB450 / CL450 / CB550) that are going to be used for touring duty or if you are a larger rider. Upgrade to our super bike handlebars and your Honda will handle better than it ever has.

Bundle Includes:

  • Tapered Roller Steering Bearing Kit #2046
  • EZ Install Fork Seals (Size based on Model)
  • Rear Shock Pair of your choice (Stock Replacement or Heavy Duty)

Optional Parts @ Discount Prices:

  • CL350 / CB450 / CB550 style Fork Gaiter #8019
  • CB360 Style Fork Dust Boot #8001 (33 mm fork tube diameter)
  • CB500T Style Fork Dust Boot #8008  (35 mm fork tube diameter)

Installation Tip: Depending on your exhaust set up you may need to adjust the mufflers and / or pipes for clearance when using the heavy duty shocks. On CB350's and CB450's with factory mufflers the top of the pipes will have to be dimpled to clear the lower position of the rear axle. The chain guard may need to be massaged too. Lubricate the upper bushing with some bearing grease when installing. Watch our steering bearing installation video on YouTube as well as our front fork rebuild video series as well.

Steering Bearing How To Video

Fork Rebuild How To Video

 Note: * Early SL350K1 use 33mm fork tubes, mid production fork tubes changed to 35mm. Measure fork tube before ordering
his Honda Steering And Suspension Bundle Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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