Drum Brake Shoes (Rear) | Honda CB360 / CL360 / CJ360
Rear Brake Shoes with Springs

Drum Brake Shoes (Rear) | Honda CB360 / CL360 / CJ360

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CMC Part Number:U1004-360
  • Replaces OEM Part:45133-240-000, 43120-KG4-006, 43120-KG4-000, 43120-KG4-003, 43120-286-000, 43120-943-680
  • Qty:Sold as a Set w/ Springs

Select Brake Shoe Type:
Service Grade (#1204)
Premium Grade (#1104) (+$11.00)

This Part Fits the Following Honda Models

  • CB360G / CB360T
  • CL360 Scrambler K0-K1
  • CJ360T

Why You Need This

The rear brake of the Honda CB360 / CL360 / CJ360 are simple and require minimal maintenance. If you are still running old brake shoes that came with your bike, we recommend swapping them out with a fresh set. Sure they kind of work until the friction lining de-laminates or falls off the metal of the shoe body. We have seen this numerous times with old brake shoes. If there is an "HM" mark cast into the aluminum of the shoe body, it indicates that the shoe is the original from the factory. Brake shoes make our short list of top 5 items to change on a bike; make your bike safe and road-ready from its decades-long dormant sleep. 

Please choose between the two brake shoe options:

  • Premium Grade: Feature organic friction material.
  • Service Grade: Feature semi-metallic friction material for increased stopping power. 
These brake shoes do include springs; we suggest saving your old ones for future use. 

To ensure that your bike has all the stopping power it can get, we also advise to change out:

Installation Tip 

Apply a light coat of brake caliper grease to the shoes' mechanical pivot points for smooth operation. Use the grease sparingly and make sure to clean up any excessive grease and keep it away from the friction surfaces. If needed, clean the inside of the brake drum with a wire brush, wire wheel, or sandpaper to remove any rust or glazing.

These Rear Brake Shoes Fit These Honda Motorcycles


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