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Honda CB360 Front Disc Brake Overhaul Bundle
Honda CB360 Front Disc Brake Overhaul Bundle

Honda CB360 Front Disc Brake Overhaul Bundle

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CMC Part Number:BRKBNDL2
  • Replaces OEM Part:45105-390-305, 45105-323-023, 45105-323-036, 45105-323-043, 45105-390-003, 45105-390-006, 45106-323-006, 45106-323-013, 45106-390-003, 45106-390-006, 45106-390-305, 45133-240-000, 43120-KG4-006, 43120-KG4-000, 43120-KG4-003, 43120-286-000, 43120-286-000, 43120-943-680, 45107-323-020, 45107-300-003, 45108-300-003, 45224-579-013, 45101-323-013, 45102-323-003, 35350-300-016, 35350-KJ9-405, 35350-336-000, 45128-317-701, 45128-300-010, 45125-379-003, 90545-300-000, 45126-300-003, 45126-333-000, 45500-369-671, 45500-341-771, 45530-377-305, 45504-300-003, 45505-300-003, 45506-300-003, 45512-300-003, 45502-300-305, 46125-533-003, 46140-533-003, 90651-377-003, 45520-300-000, 45526-341-000,45521-MJ6-006, 45521-300-010, 45517-MA5-671, 45517-300-003, 95701-06025-00, 95700-06025-00, 45527-300-000, 94002-06000-0S, 53175-369-003, 53170-369-003, 43513-MJ6-006, 43513-461-771, 5513-341-771, 90114-300-000, 90145-300-010, 90145-300-000

Disc Brake Pads
Rear Drum Brake Shoes
Standard Piston
Caliper Seal
Standard Bleeder Screw
Brake Caliper Body
Front Disc Brake Light Switch
Rear Drum Brake Light Switch
Brake Caliper Hardline
Crush Washers x 6
Lower Brake Hose
Master Cylinder
Upper Brake Hose
Optional Add-On: Banjo Bolt x 3
#1032 [+$25.00]

Part: Honda CB360 Front Disc Brake Bundle

You Need This: When Honda installed a disc brake on the CB360 it was a significant upgrade over the drums use on it's predecessor. While braking got better, the system is more complex with additional parts that have not aged well with countless missed fluid changes and years of sitting dormant. Yes, it should be rebuilt, as rubber parts decay, aluminium and old brake fluid devolve into a snow globe of corrosion in and along with the rear drum brake friction material begins to crumble apart. To bring your bike back to is maximum stopping potential (beyond it stopping progress on your bike project, yea it's good at that) we have assembled for you a front disc / rear drum overhaul bundle to revive your CB360 back to its former days of glory. Every little bit and piece is there, so you can do it the right way the first time. As always we have top quality parts with European made brake pads and shoes with return springs.

Bundle Includes:

  • Caliper Piston Seal #1002
  • Front Disc Pads #1003
  • Standard Brake Caliper Piston #1161
  • Standard Bleeder Screw #1011
  • New Caliper Body #1024
  • Front Brake Light Switch #1031
  • Caliper to Lower Brake Hose Hard Line #1122
  • Lower Rubber Brake Hose #1018
  • Upper Rubber Brake Hose (#1021 or #1020)
  • Banjo Bolt Crush Washers x 6 #1019
  • New Master Cylinder #1034
  • Rear Drum Shoes #1004
  • Rear Brake Light Switch #3061

Optional Parts @ Discount Prices:

  • Banjo Bolt x 3 #1032

Installation Tip: Apply a light coat of disc brake caliper grease (from the auto parts store) to the back of each brake pad and to the recesses of the caliper housing itself. Pop off the rotor and sand both sides with some 100 grit sandpaper on a finishing sander to remove the years of glaze on the surface. Master cylinder and lines should be bled prior to attaching to the caliper for final bleeding. Remove, clean and lubricate the caliper swing arm. Use some caliper grease to the pivot points on the rear drum for butter smooth operation. Make sure not to get any grease on the friction surface. If the surface of your drum is rusty, it may need to be sanded or wire brushed.

*CB350G use the same front disc brake set up as the CB360. Some early CB360's use front drum brakes.

This Front Disc Brake Shoe Bundle Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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