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Intake & Exhaust Valve Guides | Honda CB450 / CB500T
Intake & Exhaust Valve Guides | Honda CB450 / CB500T

Intake & Exhaust Valve Guides | Honda CB450 / CB500T

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CMC Part Number:4067
  • Replaces OEM Part:12023-319-405, 12021-292-300, 12251-283-306, 12251-283-020, 12251-283-010
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Optional Add-On Tools & Parts:
Valve Stem Seals x4 (#4089) (+$16.00)
Valve Guide Hone (#9015) (+$20.00)
Valve Guide Driver (#9029) (+$35.00)
Small Hole Gauge Set (#9039) (+$30.00)
Micrometer 0-1 (#9036) (+$20.00)
Prussian Blue Marking Compound (#9055) (+$10.00)
Coarse and Fine Valve Grinding Compound (#9056) (+$10.00)

Part: Intake & Exhaust Valve Guides for Honda CB450 / CL450 Scrambler / CB500T - DOHC Engines

Why You Need This: Honda has a reputation for building bullet-proof engines but still, thousands of miles and 40 plus years later, the time for a complete overhaul might be due. Cylinder head inspection and rebuild is part of this process, with valve guides being a typical wear part. The Honda CL450 Scrambler / CB450 / CB500T use the same valve guide for both the intake and exhaust valves. Guides are available in standard iron* (NOS from the 70's) or high performance bronze. Guides are sold individually, and four guides will be needed to rebuild a cylinder head. Finish up the installation with a new set of valve stem seals.

*Standard Iron Guides (OEM Style): Our iron valve guides will need to be reamed and finish honed to size. Do not expect this to be possible with just our #9015 valve guide hone. We highly recommend having this process done at your local machine shop if you are not familiar with what is involved. 

Installation Tip: Original valve guides inner diameter and valve stem out diameter should be measured first with small hole gauge and micometer to determine if they are within service limits (see factory service manual for details). Old guides need to be removed and new valve guides need to be installed with a proper valve guide driver. Make sure to install the thin sealing O-rings under the head of each valve guide. Guide's inner diameter will need to be finished via guide hone to fit each valve stem once installed in the head. Valve seats should be inspected with Prussian blue marking compound to ensure proper seating of valve face to valve seat. Seats will have to be re-cut if heavily pitted (done at a small engine machine shop) and lapped with valve grinding compound during the rebuild. Used and new valves should always be lapped to the valve seat. Contact us a for professional advice and guidance.

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