Ikon Fork Springs | Honda CB450 / CB550 / CB750
Ikon Fork Springs | Honda CB450 / CB550 / CB750

Ikon Fork Springs | Honda CB450 / CB550 / CB750

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Part: Ikon Front Fork Springs for Honda CB450, CL450 Scrambler, CB500T / CB500K, CB550K, CB550F / CB750 - Sold in Pairs

Why You Need This: Just like rear shocks, front fork springs do wear out and sag with time. The front forks on your Honda CB450 / CB550 / CB750 were set up at the factory to ride like marshmallows. Heavier fork oil really does help over the factory specified ATF, however, swapping out your front fork springs will really help firm up the front end on your vintage Honda and give you that confident feel when taking your bike through the corners.

We are excited to offer these high-performance fork springs from Ikon Suspension in Australia. We worked directly with Ikon to specify a progressive rate performance front fork spring for the Honda CB450 / CB550 and CB750 families of bikes that use an internal fork spring. These are a Common Motor exclusive and they deliver the same proven quality you can trust from Ikon (formerly Koni) are now available to fit inside your stock 35mm fork tubes.

To do the job right you'll need a pair of EZ install fork seals or at least some standard fork seals to keep the oil inside the forks where it belongs. These progressive rate springs are slightly stiffer than the factory springs and will be a perfect compliment to any rear shock upgrade, particularly a nice set of top-quality Ikon Shock Absorbers. Our tapered roller steering bearing kit rounds out the handing package for your vintage Honda.

Installation Tip: Swap these out when you are doing a fork rebuild. Orient the springs with the tighter winding facing up when installing. Refill your forks with fresh fork oil (we recommend at least 10 weight for riders under 200 LBS, and 15 weight for riders over). If you are replacing the fork seals, follow along our rebuild guides for the full process: 

Note: The Honda CB450 K3-K4 / CB750 K0-K2 uses a unique shorter length and larger diameter spring. This spring will NOT work in those model forks. You can find Ikon Fork Springs for Honda CB450 K1-K2 / CL450 K0-K4 here.

These Ikon Front Fork Springs Fit the Following Honda Motorcycles

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