Fork Seals (Standard) | Honda CB450 / CB500 / CB550 / SL350 K2
Fork Seals (Standard) | Honda CB450 / CB500 / CB550 / SL350 K2

Fork Seals (Standard) | Honda CB450 / CB500 / CB550 / SL350 K2

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CMC Part Number:U8056
  • OEM Part:90755-268-000, 91255-292-003, 91255-300-013, 91255-KBH-003, 91255-300-023, 91255-MA6-013, 91255-300-025, 91255-300-033, 91255-323-013, 91255-434-003, 91255-434-013
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33 mm x 46 mm | CB450 K0 Black Bomber Only (#8000)
35 mm x 46 mm | Early-Model CB450 K1-K3* / CL450 K1-K4 / CB750 K0 (#8047)
35 mm x 48 mm | Late-Model CB450 K3*-K7 / CL450 K5&K6 / CB500T (#8010)
35 mm x 48 mm | CB500 K0-K2 / CB550K / CB550F / SL350 K2 / CB750 (#8010)

Part: Standard Fork Seals for Honda CB450 K0 - K7, CL450 K1 - K6 Scrambler, CB500T / CB500K, CB550 / CB750K0 / SL350 K2

Why You Need This Part: Fork seal replacement is the key to a proper fork rebuild on your vintage Honda. If you are clever and watch our videos this can be done with the fork tubes still in the triple tree. This is particularly beneficial in case you are working on your motorcycle in a place without workbench access (like in the driveway or on the streets). These are what we call "standard style" fork seals, which are the same kind used in the factory. One pair per bike. Finish your fork rebuild with some dust boots, or fork gaiters and our tapered roller steering bearing your front suspension and steering will be butter.

Note: CB450 and CL450 models used various fork designs during their production run. Make sure to pick the proper seal size for your model. If in doubt contact us for help. Seals do not require spacers and may not necessarily look like the ones in the picture above.

  • CB450 K0 Black Bomber only 33mm x 46mm - #8000
  • Early Style fits CB450 K1-K3* / CL450 K1-K4 / CB750K0 that use 35mm x 46mm seals - #8047
  • Late Style fits CB450 K3*-K7 / CL450 K5-K6 / CB500T / CB500 K0-K2 / CB550K / CB550F / SL350 K2 / CB750 that use 35mm x 48mm seals - #8010

*CB450K3 models had a fork change mid-production, the outer diameter of the seal must be measured to ensure the correct size is ordered.

SL350 K0 - K1: fork seals can be found here

Installation Tip: Lubricate the inner diameter of the seals with fork oil during installation. A large circular driver (such as a short piece of pipe, large diameter socket, etc.) will ensure the seal is pressed evenly into the lower fork tube. Drive the seals just deep enough to pass the snap ring groove and stop there. Factory spec on the fork oil varies by model, see list below. ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) is the factory specification for fork oil which is approximately 5 weight. We recommend specific motorcycle fork oil 10 weight (under 200 lbs rider) to 15 weight (200+ lbs rider) motorcycle. By using a heavier weight fork oil the front end of your bike will be firmed up for better handling.

Fork Oil Capacity:

  • CB450 K0 Black Bomber: 290cc / 9.8 Oz. per leg
  • CB450 / CL450 K1-K2: 290cc / 9.8 Oz. per leg
  • CB450 / CL450 K3-K4: 225cc / 7.6 Oz. per leg
  • CB450 K5 / CL450 K5-K6: 160cc / 5.4 Oz. per leg
  • CB450 K6-K7: 140cc / 4.7 Oz. per leg
  • CB500T: 140cc / 4.7 Oz. per leg
  • CB500K: 170cc / 5.75 Oz. per leg
  • CB550K& F: 190cc / 6.4 Oz. per leg

Installation Guides: Honda used a few different fork architectures between the various families of CB450 / CB500T / CB500K / CB550 motorcycles. Refer to our full installation guides below for step-by-step instructions to rebuild the forks on your specific motorcycle.

This Fork Seal Fits These Honda Motorcycles
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Fork seal
After buying/ trying the ez fork seal that CMC has I went back to these seals. Both of the ez seals leaked from the get go. No leaks with these so..... buy these first. They're just as easy as the ez seals are to install!
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