Triple Tree | Honda CB450 (K3-K7) / CL450 (K5-K6)
Honda CB450 / CL450 Triple Tree with Hardware & Damper

Triple Tree | Honda CB450 (K3-K7) / CL450 (K5-K6)

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CMC Part Number:2198
  • Replaces OEM Part:53230-319-305, 53230-375-010
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Space Capsules Handlebar Damper Set
#2003 (Set of 4 / $25 Value)

Part: Upper Triple Tree for Honda CB450 K3-K7 / CL450 K5-K6 Scrambler Motorcycles

Why You Need This: One of the most often cracked and broken parts on the Honda CB450K3 / CB450K4 / CB450K5 / CB450K6 / CB450K7 and the late CL450K6 / CL450K7 Scrambler series of bikes is the upper triple tree (aka: top fork bridge, top triple tree or upper triple clamp). The original factory parts were made from very brittle aluminum which made them crack easily if the pinch bolts around the fork tubes were over-tightened. Finding a clean used undamaged original upper triple tree is one of the most challenging tasks when working on one of these vintage Honda motorcycles.

The good news is, that we are excited to offer a new, high quality reproduction upper triple tree for your Honda CB450 / CL450 Scrambler and CB500T* motorcycles. This new triple tree looks and fits identical to the original, however it is much higher quality thanks to better alloys and modernized manufacturing techniques. The issues of a cracked upper triple tree are as good as gone. The upper triple tree is produced in South America by a top OEM part manufacturer who specializes in making upper triple clamps for the big 4 Japanese motorcycle companies. We have been testing our production samples for several months with great success and we know this is the part that many of you have been waiting for.

This replacement upper triple tree is a Common Motor exclusive, and we are making the deal even sweeter by including a set of our made in USA "Space Capsule" polyurethane handlebar dampers (regularly $25 a set) and new stainless steel hardware. While you have the upper fork top bridge off the bike, it is a great opportunity to upgrade from the neglected loose ball bearings in the steering stem to our performance tapered roller steering bearing kit.

Installation Tip: Clean the top of the fork tubes well, remove all dirt rust and corrosion before installing the triple tree. You might have to loosen the fork tubes in the lower triple tree clamp to help get everything to line up properly. Once all the parts align, torque all the fasteners as follows:

  • New upper triple tree fork tube clamp bolts to 12 ft/lbs
  • Lower triple tree fork tube clamp bolts to 18 ft/lbs
  • Center steering nut to 60 ft/lbs

NOTE 1: This triple tree will only fit forks that have an internal fork spring, early CB450 and CL450 with external fork spring style forks are not compatible with this part. For more information see our front fork identification guide.

NOTE 2: *CB500T: Honda CB500T triple trees are very unique and even harder to find, having the key switch bracket integrated as part of the casting. This part will work as a replacement on the CB500T but you will have to make a custom bracket for a key switch and gauge mounting, or use a different style key switch and mount it elsewhere.

This Upper Triple Tree Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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