Wrist Pin Kit | Honda CB450 / CL450 / CB500T
Honda CB40 Piston Pin with C-Style Clips

Wrist Pin Kit | Honda CB450 / CL450 / CB500T

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CMC Part Number:4231
  • Replaces OEM Part:13111-283-000, 13115-283-000, 94601-17000
  • Qty:Sold in a set of 1 Pin & 2 Clips

Part: Piston Pin with C-Style Clips for Honda CB450 / CL450 Scrambler / CB500T Motorcycles 

Why You Need This: When you are doing top engine work on your vintage Honda CB450 / CL450 Scrambler / CB500T you should take a good look at the wrist pins (gudgeon pins) that came out of the pistons. Piston pins take quite the beating and wear out over time. If the wrist pin's surface  is anything but perfectly smooth, it has to be replaced with a new one.  

We found that a lot of wrist pins on the market have the right diameter but are too short in length causing the pin to float in the piston. This, in turn, leads the retaining clips to hammer loose causing serious engine damage. With our CMC piston pin kit you can forget about this problem, as it will fit perfectly inside your piston, without any extra wiggle room. 

Each kit is sold individually and includes one wrist pin with two "C" style retaining clips (you should change them out every time they are removed). Our pins are designed for the original cast pistons found in the Honda CB450 / CL450 Scrambler / CB500T engine. They will work with NOS Honda as well as our very own CMC "Pulsar" oversize pistons. 

You will need one wrist pin kit per piston, two kits per engine. We recommend picking up a fresh pair of piston rings and an overhaul gasket kit to finish the engine overhaul right. 

Installation Tip: Before installing the piston on the connecting rod, install one clip on each piston on the side that faces the cam chain. Oil the piston and wrist pin well upon assembly. Be extra careful not to drop the second clip in the engine during installation and make sure that the ends of the clip face 180 degrees away from the notch in the piston. 

This Wrist Pin Kit Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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