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Honda CB500 / CB550K / CB550F Front Chain Sprocket

Honda CB500 / CB550K / CB550F Front Chain Sprocket

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CMC Part Number:4574

17 Tooth (#4569)
18 Tooth (#4570)
19 Tooth (#4571)

Part: Honda CB550 Front Chain Sprocket

Why You Need This: The entire drivetrain on old bikes like the Honda CB550 is made up of continuous wear items. Depending on how well the previous owners kept up with chain adjustments lubrication on the chain your front sprocket may be very worn out.

Sprockets should be changed out when the teeth are thin and pointy. Our replacement front drive sprockets are exact replacements for the factory sprocket originally found on your Honda. It's made from high quality steel with the proper factory 530 chain pitch size. Front drive sprockets are available in different tooth counts to match the factory drive ratio or you can change the tooth count to fit your riding style. If you need help with chain length watch the above video and if that doesn't clear it up feel free to contact us.

Each of these front sprockets, regardless of tooth count will fit any of the models listed in the chart below.

Installation Tip: Changing the number of teeth on front sprocket will change the final drive ratio of your bike. Fewer teeth will give greater acceleration but less top end, while more teeth will give better top end, but reduced acceleration. A new chain cut to the proper length (number of links) must be installed when changing out to different sprocket sizes. If you are installing a new front sprocket it is also a good idea to replace your rear sprocket as well. Use a high quality chain lube, such as Bel-Ray super clean.

This Sprocket Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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