Carburetor Float with Pin | Honda CB500K / CB550
Carburetor Float with Pin

Carburetor Float with Pin | Honda CB500K / CB550

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CMC Part Number:6008
  • Replaces OEM Part:16013-329-004
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Part: Carburetor Float for Honda CB500 / CB500K / CB550K / CB550F Motorcycles - Sold Individually

Why You Need This: The original floats in the factory Keihin carburetors of your Honda CB500 / CB500K / CB550K / CB550F tend to become defective over time. Years of faithful service can make the original synthetic "plastic" floats brittle, forming hairline cracks and weakening solder joints. These pinholes and cracks cause the float to fill with fuel, preventing it from floating. This can result in the carburetor and even your motorcycle's engine getting flooded with gasoline.

Good news: we have new replacement carburetor floats for your Honda CB500 / CB500K1 / CB500K2 / CB550 / CB550F / CB550K / CB550K1. This ensures your carburetors work properly, giving you peace of mind. These fresh carburetor floats are an exact replacement for your originals, made in Japan. Carburetor floats are sold individually. You will need 4 if you want to replace the floats in all four carburetors of your bike. To truly upgrade your carburetors and make them like-new, finish off your rebuild with our carburetor rebuild kit and maintain synchrony with a fresh throttle cable kit.

Note: This carburetor float will NOT fit Honda CB550K3 & CB550K4 motorcycles.

Installation Tip: Test your old float by soaking it in gasoline if it has been dry for a while. After soaking, shake it next to your ear. If you hear liquid sloshing, that means it is leaking and should be replaced. Be very gentle when installing your new carburetor float, as they can bend and dent easily. Set float height to 20 mm. A little white grease on the edge of the float bowl will make removing and replacing it much easier.

This Carburetor Float Fits These Honda Motorcycles
500F / 550CB500K0CB500K1CB500K2CB550K0CB550K1CB550K2

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