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Honda CB550F / CB550K / CB500K Air Filter Box to Carburetor Boot Set
Honda CB550F / CB550K / CB500K Air Filter Box to Carburetor Boot Set

Honda CB550F / CB550K / CB500K Air Filter Box to Carburetor Boot Set

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CMC Part Number:6090
  • Replaces OEM Part:17310-323-010B
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Optional Add-On: Air Filter
CB500K 71-73 - #6110 [+$24.00]
CB550K / F 74-77 (large hole) - #6087 [+$24.00]
CB550K3 - K4 77-78 (small hole) - #6086 [+$24.00]

Item: Air Filter Box to Carburetor Boot Set | Honda CB550F / CB550K / CB500K 

Why You Need This: As with all things rubber, the boots that connect the air filter box to the intake end of the carburetors on your Honda CB550F / CB550K / CB500K can dry out. This means the boots will not seal well, but it makes removing the carburetors more difficult as the boots must be very pliable to take the assembly apart. Total of 4 boots in the set, 2 for the center carbs (straight), and two for the outer carbs (angled). These air filter box to carburetor boots are necessary to properly keep the bike in tune when the factory air filter is in place.

Installation Tip: Install the carbs on the bike first with the plastic air box loose in the frame (not bolted in place) and without these air filter boots in place yet. Once the intake manifolds and clamps are tightened down squeeze the boots between the air box and the opening of the carburetors. It is OK to really flex the boots to make them fit in place. A tire lever or other blunt tool will help push them in place. There is a groove in the middle of each boot that sandwiches the boot between the outside and inside of the air box. Start with the center two boots as they are symmetrical. Install the clamps for the center two boots but do not snug them in place yet. Install the outer two boots that are angled. There is an index mark (raised dot) between the inner and outer boots on the plastic air box on each side. Rotate the outer boots so that the seam in boot aligns with the index mark. Install the remaining clamps and tighten.

 These Air Filter to Carburetor Boots Fit These Honda Motorcycles

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