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Honda CB550 / CB500K Ignition Overhaul Rebuild Bundle
Honda CB550 / CB500K Ignition Overhaul Rebuild Bundle

Honda CB550 / CB500K Ignition Overhaul Rebuild Bundle

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  • Replaces OEM Part:93500-06012-0A, 94101-06800, 30700-MC8-000, 30701-323-013, 30700-390-153, 30700-390-163, 30701-323-023, 30700-GAR-000, 30700-300-010, 30700-405-153, 30700-405-163, 30203-300-154, 30203-300-005, 30250-300-154, 30250-300-005, 30204-300-154, 30204-300-005, 30502-323-003, 30501-323-003, 30501-300-003, 98069-57717, 98069-57711, 98069-57723, 31400-292-670, 31700-455-671, 31700-292-008, 31400-292-670, 31700-358-305

Poins 1-4
Points 2-3
Condenser x 2
#3519 x 2
Spark Plugs Boots Long x 2
#3510 x 2
Spark Plugs Boots Short x 2
#3511 x 2
Spark Plugs x 8
#3016 x 8
Regulator / Rectifier
Ignition Coils x 2
#3514 x 2
Stainless Steel Allen Bolt Kit
Fits All Models (#3104)
Optional Add-On: AGM Battery
#3079 [+$80.00]
Optional Add-On: Battery Charger
#3080 [+$15.00]
Optional Add-On: Fuses
(#3028) 7 Amp x 5 [+$3.00]
(#3029) 15 Amp x 5 [+$3.00]

Parts: Ignition Overhaul Rebuild Kit for Honda CB550 / CB500K.

Why You Need This: Honda CB500F, CB550K, CB550F having ignition system and or charging issues?  The Honda CB550 family of motorcycles like to have all the electrical parts in tip top shape. When condensers are weak, ignition coils intermittent and voltage regulators are not up to factory level performance you bike will have all sorts of running issues. Electrical parts decay with time and after 40+ years are not what they used to be. Instead of chasing all the possible gremlins, we have assembled an Ignition Overhaul Rebuild Kit for Honda CB550 / CB500K family of bikes that has all the critical components that should be swapped out before the crusty originals leave you stranded on the roadside.

Honda CB550K / CB550F / CB500K Ignition Overhaul Bundle Includes:

  • Contact Points: Left & Right
  • Condensers x 2
  • Stainless Allen Bolts for ignition plate & points
  • NGK Spark Plug Boots x 4 (2 short and 2 long)
  • Ignition Coils X 2
  • Combo Regulator / Rectifier
  • NGK Spark plugs x 8
Optional Add On Parts At Discount Price:
  • AGM Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Glass Fuses 7A & 15A
  • 18mm Deep Spark Plug Socket

Installation Tip: Inspect the advance mechanism under the point plate to see that it is working smoothly. Exact point ignition timing is essential to a smooth running engine, the gap of the points is subjective. We set the points with a test light not to be confused with strobe style timing light. A small smear of white lithium grease on the points cam will extend the life of the rubbing blocks. Ignition timing should be adjusted every 1,500 miles, expect to get about 6,000 miles out of a set of points before they need to be replaced.

This Ignition Timing Kit Fits The Honda CB550 / CB500K Series of Motorcycles

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