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Honda CB550 Ignition Point Set
Honda CB550 Ignition Point Set

Honda CB550 Ignition Point Set

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CMC Part Number:3517
  • Replaces OEM Part:30203-300-154, 30203-300-005, 30204-300-154, 30204-300-005

1-4 Point
2-3 Point

Part: Honda CL550F / CB550K Ignition Contact Points Set (Includes Both 1-4 and 2-3 Points)

Why You Need This: Proper Ignition timing is one of the main factors contributing to a reliable engine. If the points on your bike are decades old its time to swap them out. Like any mechanical switch they corrode and wear out over time leaving your bike stuttering, missing, or breaking down altogether.

Installation Tip: Check your advance mechanism for proper operation. Perfect point timing is crucial to getting your bike bike running well. We find using a test light to check timing to be more effective than a strobe timing light. Use a small dab of white grease on the felt wick. Check out our video on how to set the ignition timing on the Honda CB350, CB360 and CB450.


These Ignition Points Fit These Honda Motorcycles

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