Clutch Rebuild Kit | Honda CB750
Clutch Rebuild Kit | Honda CB750

Clutch Rebuild Kit | Honda CB750

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CMC Part Number:U4113
  • Replaces OEM Part:22201-371-000, 22201-300-000, 95014-75140, 22401-323-003, 22401-323-000, 22401-275-000, 22401-268-000, 22401-410-000, 22201-283-000, 22201-MA7-000, 22041-300-000
  • Qty:Sold as a Kit w/ discs & springs

Select Model Variation:
CB750 K0 / K1* (#4041)
CB750 K1* - K5 (#4131)
CB750K / CB750F (1975-1978) (#4119)
UP: Clutch Springs x 4

Part: Clutch Rebuild Kit for Honda CB750 (K0 / K1* / K2 / K3 / K4 / K5, CB750K, CB750F Super Sport)

Why You Need This: Clutch friction discs and springs are a standard wear replacement part on the Honda CB750 (K0 / K1/ K2 / K3 / K4 / K5, CB750K, CB750F). If the engine seems to rev, but your bike is slow to move when the clutch lever is released then the clutch may be slipping due to friction disc wear (we assume you tried to adjust the it properly first). We have put together a kit to properly rebuild the clutch on your Honda CB750 which includes new friction discs and replacement pressure springs. High quality friction discs from Japan or Europe with our performance springs which provide 10% more clamping force than the factory Honda springs.

Kit Notes:

  • CB750 K0 - K1* = 6 x Identical Friction Discs
    • * Early CB750K1 (up to engine #1056079) uses this clutch disc kit
  • CB750 K1 / K2 / K3 / K4 / K5 = 7 x Identical Friction Discs
  • CB750K & CB750F (1975 - 1978) = 6 x Identical Friction Discs + 1 Disc with larger tooth, used as outer most disc.
  • All models include performance pressure springs x 4

Installation Tip: Soak the clutch discs in some 10w-40 motor oil overnight prior to installation. Check the steel plates for excessive wear or gouging. If they are wavy or discolored then they should be replaced. It is recommended to drop the oil pan to clean out any sludge in the bottom as well as the pick up screen and install a new oil filter with fresh engine oil when replacing the clutch friction discs.

This Clutch Rebuild Kit Fits the Following Honda Motorcycles

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