Scrambler Muffler | Honda CL350 / CL360 / CL450
Scrambler Muffler | Sold in Pairs

Scrambler Muffler | Honda CL350 / CL360 / CL450

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CMC Part Number:5010
  • OEM Part:5010
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T Bolt Muffler Clamps
2 x Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps (#5103) (+$15.00)
Optional Exhaust Gaskets:
(2x) Copper Head to Pipe Gaskets CL350 & CL360 (#5004) (+$8.00)
(2x) Graphite Pipe to Muffler Gaskets CL350 / CL360 / CL450 (#5006) (+$20.00)
(2x) Copper Head to Pipe Gaskets CL450 (#5007) (+$8.00)

Part: Honda CL350 / CL360 / CL450 Scrambler Mufflers - Sold In Pairs - Does Not Qualify for Free Shipping

Why You Need This: Don't be surprised to find holes rusted clean through the mufflers on that Honda CL350 / CL360 / CL450 scrambler you just bought. Finding replacement mufflers for the Honda CL350 / CL360 / CL450 that actually fit is next-to-impossible. So, we found these mufflers as clean replacements for the rust-prone factory originals. While not an exact reproduction of the scrambler mufflers, they look appropriate and fit very well once the brackets are configured (see installation tips below). This is a much cheaper alternative to aftermarket scrambler pipes and will optimize engine performance (and noise) over open headers. While these slip-on mufflers are small enough to work on the CL bikes, they will also work as a low-profile option on the CB motorcycles. Mufflers are sold in pairs.

Note: The inlet side of these mufflers are the correct size for the header pipe diameter on the Honda CL350 / CB350, CB360 / CL360, and CL450 with the graphite muffler gaskets. The CJ360 / CB450 / CB500T has a slightly larger header pipe diameter, so while the mufflers will fit over the header, there is not enough clearance for a full sized graphite gasket on the 450.

Installation Tips: Most factory CL exhaust systems are welded together and will require you to cut at least one of the mufflers off of its respective header pipe. How far back each header can be cut depends on the sub-model of your specific bike. For instance, the CL350 K0 headers remain straight further back on the bike than the later models 350s and 360s. Your bike will require its own custom bracket. No two bikes are exactly the same, and where you cut the header pipe makes a significant difference in where your mufflers can mount and how your brackets will fit together. Regardless of which bike you have, it is a good idea to replace the Copper Exhaust Gaskets while you have the system apart.

Since these mufflers are universal parts, they will need somewhat custom brackets to fit your bike. Fortunately each muffler comes with a generic bracket that should allow you to derive a solution with no more than a hack saw and a power drill. See above pictures of one such solution on a Honda CL350 K4. In this example, the top bracket mounts to the rearmost end of the mounting slot in the top muffler. This bracket received a hole to hang the lower bracket, a notch to clear the shock absorber, and a second hole to mount to the shock stud (M10). The lower mount bolted to the lower muffler mounting slot near the center, extending upwards parallel to the shock absorber, ultimately connecting to the upper bracket with a M8 bolt, lock washer, and nut.

The whole process took a drill press, two drill bits, a hacksaw with a multi-purpose blade, a file, and roughly an hour of time. Depending on the diameter of your shock absorbers you may want to trim down the mounting bracket on the lower muffler so they don't interfere. If you don't like the look of the brackets you can always drill a bunch of speed holes, paint them black, or fabricate your own super-cool brackets. Send us a photo if you do!

Optional Part Graphite Exhaust Pipe Gasket: Want the best seal for your new mufflers? We sell graphite pipe adapters that are an upgrade to the units included in the kit. These adapters are made to compress and conform to the pipes and give the best seal possible. These graphite exhaust pipe gaskets will only fit the Honda CL350 / CB350 and CB360 / CL350 factory header pipes.

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5 Stars
slip on mufflers
Love them. They're kinda bad-ass loud, beware. High quality and very cool looking. One thing I like is that they are less cumbersome than the stock muffler on my 1969 cl 450. Recommend bracing them down on the passenger foot peg instead of upward like on the CM video. Nothing shows and it's half the work.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from minneapolis. on 4/26/2020
5 Stars
I made the mistake of buying small bullet mufflers from another site... too LOUD! After watching Caleb's video on his 350 I decided to buy these mufflers. They are great, but still a little loud (I'm getting old) but Caleb suggested putting in some stainless steel scrunchees in them, and that helps. Needed a little trickery to get them to fit my CL450 perfectly, but not a problem. Great sound!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Bend, OR. on 6/30/2020
5 Stars
nice chrome finish,require some custom fabrication to mount them but thats the fun part
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from TILTON NH USA. on 1/11/2022

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