Angled Boot Pod Air Filter | Honda CT90
Angled Boot Pod Air Filter for Honda CT90

Angled Boot Pod Air Filter | Honda CT90

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Pod-style air filter with an angled boot for vintage Honda motorcycles.

This Part Fits the Following Honda Models

  • CT90 K0-K8

Why You Need This

The CT90 came from the factory with a relatively complex, multi-piece airbox and intake that drew air into the carb from a port on the bike's rear luggage rack. The intake was situated up high so that a rider could safely ford shallow streams or flooded ground without fear of water ingestion. Unfortunately, after decades of service and abuse, many old CT90s are missing some or all of their airbox parts. If your CT90 has suffered this fate, we offer a simple solution—a simple, pod-style air filter.

These high-quality air filters replace everything aft of the carburetor with one part and allow the bike's engine to breathe more freely. They have an angled boot to help ensure a proper fit, and they even fit under the OEM airbox cover if you still have yours. Each filter comes with a mounting clamp and is hand washable.

Installation Tip

You may need to re-jet your carburetors with a larger main jet and/or adjust the slide needle clip to compensate for the increased airflow provided by this pod filter. Make sure not to over tighten the mounting clamp. An over tightened clamp can damage the boot or make the filter pop off the carburetor. These filters require no oil. To clean them, wash them in mild soap and water and air dry.

This Angled Boot Pod Filter Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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