Oil Seal Kit | Honda CT90 / CT110
Oil Seal Kit | Honda CT90 / CT110

Oil Seal Kit | Honda CT90 / CT110

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CMC Part Number:4240
  • Replaces OEM Parts:91201-028-005, 91251-ZW5-003, 91202-459-771, 91208-KB4-671, 91205-943-003.
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Honda CT90 / CT100 Oil Seal Kit

This Kit Includes

  • Camshaft Seal
  • Kickstart Shaft Seal
  • Sub Transmission Shaft Seal
  • Shift Lever Shaft Seal
  • Output Shaft Seal

This Kit Fits the Following Honda Models

  • CT90 K0-K9

Why You Need This

Oil seals are an important but easily overlooked wear item on vintage Hondas. After decades of heat cycles and heavy service, the oil seals on your Honda CT90 / CT110 can shrink, crack, deform, or otherwise fail. This leads to oil leakage and can, if not dealt with, damage the bike's engine. Common Motor Collective offers a complete, OEM-style oil seal kit to replace your bike's old, leaky seals and keep your engine oil on the inside. Our kit includes every oil seal found on CT90 and CT110 engines and is essential for keeping your engine healthy.

Installation Tip

When removing the old oil seals, take care not to scratch the seats. Clean the seat carefully, then apply a small amount of Hondabond 4 to the outer circumference of the seal for good measure. Tap the seals into place using a socket slightly smaller than the seal's outer diameter as a driver.

This Oil Seal Kit Fits the Following Honda Motorcycles

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