Roller Drive Chain (428 Pitch) | Honda CT90
Roller Drive Chain (428 Pitch) | Honda CT90

Roller Drive Chain (428 Pitch) | Honda CT90

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CMC Part Number:U4228-CT90
  • OEM Part:405W3-KA8-505, 40530-028-013, 40530-030-810, 40530-030-812, 40530-033-000, 40530-033-810, 40530-033-820, 40530-033-830, 40530-053-010, 40530-102-731, 40530-359-673, 40530-459-000, 40530-459-671
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428 Pitch Roller Drive Chain for Honda CT90 "Trail 90" motorcycles.

This Part Fits the Following Honda Models

  • CT90 K0-K9

Why You Need This

Replacing an old final drive chain is one of the easiest performance and safety upgrades you can do to your bike. After years of service, and often neglect, old roller chains can rust or seize up, affecting a bike's performance and general safety. Even if they're as greasy and squeaky clean as the day they were installed, if chains are stretched well past their proper operating specs they need to be replaced.

To replace your old and worn out chain, we offer these brand new, high-quality, heavy-duty chains for your vintage Honda CT90 or Trail 90. These are 104-link, 428-pitch heavy duty final drive roller chains that exceed the original chains in fit, finish, and quality. This is an unsealed chain and includes a clip style master link. 

NOTE: All CT90 models were fitted with a 104 link chain from the factory. This doesn't mean your bike has a 104-link chain, as the bike's sprockets (usually the rear) could have been changed out for a different size over the years. Make sure to measure your existing chain and count the links to ensure you get the proper sized new chain. If you're unsure whether or not you have the proper sprockets, make sure to count the teeth of your bike's equipped sprockets. The stock CT90 sprockets are:
  • Front - 15 teeth
  • Rear - 45 teeth
*Some very, very early CT90 (K0 specifically) built before the introduction of the dual-range transmission, have a larger sprocket mounted on the rear hub along with the standard 45-tooth item. Honda included an extra length of chain with the bike to extend the drive chain for use with this larger sprocket. If your bike is equipped with this rare option you'll need to order a longer chain to work with it. Check out our videos on final drive chains and sprockets for information on how to count links and figure out what your sprockets are.

Installation Tip

Install the master link plate and retaining clip facing inward, toward the rear tire rather than facing away from the bike for proper clearance of the engine casting. Make sure to thoroughly lubricate your chain once installed, and adjust it per the instructions in your owner's or shop manual.

This 428 Pitch Roller Drive Chain Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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