Front Brake Caliper Body | Honda CB450 (K3&K4) / CB750K
Front Brake Caliper Body | Honda CB450 (K3&K4) / CB750K

Front Brake Caliper Body | Honda CB450 (K3&K4) / CB750K

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CMC Part Number:1044
  • Replaces OEM Part:45101-300-033, 45101-300-043, 45101-300-053
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Part: Front Brake Caliper Body for Honda CB450 K3&K4 and CB750 K0-K7 motorcycles

Why You Need This: The brake calipers on our favorite vintage Honda motorcycles are notorious for having broken bleeder screws and often being stuck together from corrosion – decades spent forgotten in a barn and many missed fluid changes will easily do that to them. At times the calipers are in such bad shape that they just cannot be rebuilt and you have to go on a hunt for a new one. This, of course, is no reason for panic. Our trusty crew here at Common Motor Collective got your back with this shiny new replacement brake caliper body for your early Honda CB450 K3&K4 / CB750 K0-K7, an exact clone of the factory brake caliper originally used in these early 70's Hondas. 

Note that this is just the caliper bodyand does not include the back plate.

A caliper rebuild kit and brake hard line needs to be added to have a complete working unit.

Installation Tip: Lubricate the piston and seal well prior to installation. Lubricate the back and metal sides of the disc pad as well using caliper grease.

This Brake Caliper Fits The Following Honda Motorcycles

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