Front Drum Brake Light Switch | Honda CB100 / CB125
Fits in Brake Lever Perch

Front Drum Brake Light Switch | Honda CB100 / CB125

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CMC Part Number:K1038-100/125
  • Replaces OEM Part:35340-320-670, 35340-344-830, 35340-GAN-620, 35340-102-003, 35340-187-700, 35340-401-681, 35340-401-682, 35340-437-661, 35340-329-003, 35330-391-690, 35340-147-000, 35340-329-010, 35360-341-000
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Front Drum Brake Light Switch for vintage Hondas equipped with forward drum brakes.

This Part Fits the Following Honda Models

  • CB100 K0-K2
  • CL100 Scrambler K0-K2 / CL100 Scrambler S0-S3
  • SL100 K0-K3
  • CB125 S0-S2 / CB125 SA
  • CL125 Scrambler S0-S1
  • SL125 K0-K2

Why You Need This

Like any component exposed to hard use and constant repetitive motion, brake light switches can wear out or break over decades of service. Replace the old, busted drum brake light switch on your vintage Honda CB100 / CL100 Scrambler / SL100 / CB125 / CL125 Scrambler / SL125 with one of our new high-quality, Japanese-made front drum brake light switches.

While you're replacing your old switch, inspect your entire front brake system for proper use and excessive wear. If you need them, we offer new Front Brake Shoes, Brake Cables, Brake Levers, and Power Brake Levers to help get your bike working, and stopping, properly.

Installation Tip

Make sure the connectors are clean and the switch is seated properly in the brake lever perch. Check your brake cable and brake shoes for excessive wear or binding.

This Front Drum Brake Light Switch Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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