Honda Fuse Box | CB550K (74-76)  / CB750F (77&78) / CB750 (K3-K8)
Honda Fuse Box | CB550K (74-76) / CB750F (77&78) / CB750 (K3-K8)

Honda Fuse Box | CB550K (74-76) / CB750F (77&78) / CB750 (K3-K8)

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CMC Part Number:3188
  • Replaces OEM Part:32110-341-702
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Part: Honda Fuse Box for CB550K (74-76) / CB750F (77&78) / CB750K3/K4/K5/K6/K7/K8 Motorcycles

Why You Need This: So you started down the road of re-wiring your CB550K, CB750F (77-78) or CB750 (K3-K8) and your original Honda fuse box is missing a cover, fuse connections lose, or generally showing wear from fifty years of neglect. Our plug and play replacement fuse box complete with fuses will make the job go a lot smoother. No soldering or buying large multi-packs of fuses, just unbolt the original OEM fuse box and disconnect the six-pin connector and plug in the replacement and bolt using the existing holes. If your fuse box is in decent shape check out our replacement 7 amp fuses, 15 amp fuses, or our six-pin connectors

Installation Tip: When joining the six-pin wiring connectors, make sure that the original spade connectors on the female side do not get pushed out of the back of the connector. If any of those connections on the original (female) end seem loose, go ahead and change the six-pin connector on the original harness as well. 

This Fuse Box Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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