Ignition Coil | Honda CB175 / CL175 / CB200
Ignition Coil for Honda CB175, CL175, CB200 and CL200 Motorcycles

Ignition Coil | Honda CB175 / CL175 / CB200

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CMC Part Number:3194
  • Replaces OEM Part:30400-306-672, 30400-306-673, 30400-313-003
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Optional Add-On Part
Regular Spark Plug Boot x2 (#3009) (+$6.00)
Angled Spark Plug Boot x2 (#3039) (+$12.00)

Part: Ignition Coil for Honda CB175 / CL175 Scrambler / SL175 / CB200 / CL200

Why You Need This: Weak spark can keep your CB175 or CL200 Scrambler off the road and usually it is traced to some aspect of the ignition system. After ruling out the spark plugs, points, and condensers, the coils are the final component. There is a good chance that your CL175 or CB200 still is running the factory ignition coil and over time the coil can become unreliable often generating a dull white/yellow spare instead of a bright blue/purple spark. Our factory style ignition coils will fit onto the existing coil bracket without any modifications needed. The CB175 / CB200 family of motorcycles use only one ignition coil with two non-removable spark plug wires.  Be sure to get a fresh set of spark plug boots (angled or regular) to go with your new coil and if you think your ignition problem lies elsewhere, try some new CB175 spark plugs, CB200 spark plugs or points.

SL175 Owners: Our replacement coil fits the SL175 just like the factory Honda coils, however, the spark plug wires exit from the opposite end of the coil. The spark plug wires come extra long and are meant to be cut to length once installed on the motorcycle.

Installation Tip: Before you start working, disconnect the negative terminal on your CB175 or CB200 battery to avoid shorts. Make sure the mounting bracket and connections to the points and the 12-volt power supply are clean and corrosion-free. The blue wire goes to the points and the black wire connects to the 12-volt harness. When connecting the spark plug boots to the end of the spark plug wire make sure that the terminal is threading securely into the wire itself, and not off to the side into the insulation.

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