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Honda CB550 Ignition Condenser

Honda CB550 Ignition Condenser

$10.00 Sold in Pairs
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CMC Part Number:3519
  • Replaces OEM Part:30250-300-154, 30250-300-005
  • Qty:Sold in Pairs
Part: Honda CB550 / CB550k / CB550f Ignition Condenser

Why You Need This: The ignition condenser is a standard "tune-up" part on any Honda CB550 and is the most common failure part of the ignition system. Regardless of the condition of your Honda CB550 / CB550k / CB550f, condensers wear out. Yes they do not physically move, however as an electric component they are prone to decay. The condenser's job is to keep the ignition coil charged under high speed and to keep the points from wearing out prematurely. A failing condenser will let the bike idle OK but tend to keep it from revving very high. Two needed per bike - Sold in Pairs!

Installation Tip: A quick test to see if a condenser is failing is to watch the ignition points at idle speed on the bike in a dark place. If you see a bright spark at the points every time they open then the condenser is failing. However a small spark every few seconds is acceptable.

This Ignition Coil Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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