Ignition Contact Points | Honda CB175 / CB200
(Left) Nippon Denso Style - #3191, (Right) Hitachi Style - #3192

Ignition Contact Points | Honda CB175 / CB200

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CMC Part Number:U3193
  • OEM Part:30202-107-004, 30202-107-154, 30202-216-004, 30202-216-005
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Nippon Denso Style (#3191)
Hitachi Style Point (#3192)

Part: Honda CB175 / CB200 Ignition Contact Points

Why You Need This: Spot on timing is critical on your Honda CB175 / CB200 and old and worn points are not doing you any favors. Switching out pitted and cranky points for a new set with fresh surfaces will ensure you are pulling the most power from your engine. Contact points are a wear item and after sitting for many years points tend to corrode and sometimes make it impossible to time correctly. New points for your newly purchased vintage Honda are always a good idea.

Note: The brand of points you need will be specific to the points plate installed in your CB175 / CB200. Honda used two different style points plates and points concurrently during production.

  • Hitachi style points are more compact looking and the plate is completely round with no edge indentions. It also has an elongated hole for the cam adjustment screw.
  • The Nippon-Denso and Toyo plates use the Nippon-Denso style points that are slightly more elongated. The Nippon-Denso plate has two protruding posts for timing and has two cutouts on the edge - making a non-perfect circle.
If it is time for a whole ignition system overhaul, be sure to pick up a new ignition coil, CB175 spark plugs, or CB200 spark plugs.

Installation Tip: Take time to inspect the advance mechanism behind the point plate and check if it is working smoothly. Here at Common Motor, we set the points using a test light (not to be confused with strobe style timing light) because Exact ignition timing is imperative to a smooth running engine and often the gap of the points is subjective. Dab a small amount of white lithium grease on the points cam to extend the life of the rubbing blocks. Ignition timing should be adjusted every 1,500 miles and usually, we expect that you get between 4,500 and 6,000 miles out of each set of points before replacement is needed.

These Ignition Contact Points Fit These Honda Motorcycles
5 Stars
Recommended for any tune up
Replace them, you know yours are old, it's time to say good bye to the old and hello yo the new. Your soul will thank you when you can ride with reassurance that the points are solid. Exact fit for my 1975 cb200 project.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Houston, Texas. on 6/13/2021
5 Stars
Perfect for my CB125S
Upon an inquiry I sent to Common Motors concerning the availability of parts for a 1976 CB125S, I was informed by Brendon that the same points that fit a 175 will work on my 125. After reviewing the pictures of the two styles of points, I matched up the correct ones. They are the exact one I needed! Thanks for going the extra mile Common Motors, and a shout out to Brendon for all his help.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Lubbock, TX . on 7/14/2023

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