LED Light Bulb Upgrade Kit | Honda CB175 / CB200 / CB350 / CB450 / CB500K
LED Light Bulb Upgrade Kit | Honda CB175 / CB200 / CB350 / CB450 / CB500K

LED Light Bulb Upgrade Kit | Honda CB175 / CB200 / CB350 / CB450 / CB500K

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UP: LED Instrument Gauge Bulbs
(#3027) - x7
UP: LED Indicator Diode
(#3008) - x1
UP: Electronic Flasher Relay
(#3071) - x1
UP: LED Bulb Single Filament
(#3094) - x4
UP: LED Bulb Double Filament
(#3096) - x1

Part: Honda LED Light Bulb Upgrade Kit for CB175 / CB200 / CB350 / CB450 / CB500K

Why You Need This: The inefficient incandescent light bulbs in the turn signals, tail light and gauges have been taxing our bikes' electrical systems for years. Some of these bulbs are getting hard to find these days which makes matters even more complex. Fear not as our LED light bulb upgrade kit will not only modernize the lights on your bike but also reduce the load on the charging system (like two birds with one stone...). This configuration took us a good while to collect all of the pieces to so trust us, it is a great upgrade. Maximize the brightness and minimize charging system load; your Honda CB175 / CL175 / CB200 / CL200 Scrambler / CB350 / CL350 Scrambler / CB450 / CL450 Scrambler / CB500K charging system and your battery will thank us. When paired with our regulator/rectifier kit, these are some of the best electrical upgrades you can do for your Honda.

NOTE: These replacement LED bulbs are designed to be used in the original factory turn signals, tail light, and gauge bulb sockets, but they may not fit non-factory replacement or universal lights. 

Kit Includes: 
LED Gauge / Instrument Bulbs x 7
LED Turn Signal Bulbs x 4
LED Tail Light Bulb x 1
Low Threshold "Electronic" Flasher Relay
Diode kit to make LED bulb work with the turn signal indicator

Installation Tip: Clean your connectors and sockets well to remove any corrosion. The diode is used to convert the turn signal indicator to use an LED. Connect the red wires of the diode to the light blue and orange wires of the turn signal wires coming out of the harness. The blue wire of the diode connects to the "positive" side of the gauge bulb socket. Positive will be the wire that makes contact at the center pin of the bulb. The other wire on the gauge bulb socket makes contact via the side of the bulb. This wire needs to now be connected to the ground (any solid dark green wire).

This LED Upgrade Kits Works With These Honda Motorcycles

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