Factory Style Rear Shocks | Honda SL350 (K1&K2) / CB750K / CB750F
Honda Rear Shocks | Sold in Pairs

Factory Style Rear Shocks | Honda SL350 (K1&K2) / CB750K / CB750F

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CMC Part Number:8221
  • Replaces OEM Part:52400-312-670, 52400-392-003, 52400-410-000, 52400-410-013, 52400-341-911XW, 52400-341-670XW, 52400-393-773, 52400-393-771, 52400-405-013
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Part: Honda SL350K1 / SL350K2 / CB750K / CB750F Factory Style Rear Shock

Note: Sold as a Pair. You will receive two shocks: one for the left side and one for the right side.

Why You Need This: If the shock absorbers on your vintage Honda SL350K1 / SL350K2 / CB750F are showing their age, it's time for an upgrade. After years of use, the original dampers often lose their effectiveness. Our factory-style replacement shocks not only look authentic but also dramatically improve ride quality for models including SL350K1&K2 / CB750K1 / CB750K2 / CB750K3 / CB750K4 / CB750K5 / CB750F. They feature a standard spring-preload adjuster and measure 13.2" (335 mm) in length.

When installing new shocks on your Honda SL350K1&K2 / CB750F, consider changing the fork oil and adding a fresh set of fork seals for an even smoother ride. For heavier riders or those seeking an upgraded suspension, check out our Ikon Performance Shocks.

Important: These rear shocks fit Honda CB750K3&K4 series motorcycles, but the spring is lighter than the original factory shocks. Adjust the preload for optimal performance.

Installation Tip: Remove the metal spacer in the upper rubber bushing as it will not be used. Lubricate the rubber bushing with bearing grease for easy installation on the frame mount. Adjust the spring pre-load, especially when riding with a passenger. Proper preload compresses 20 to 30% of the shock's travel distance when sitting on the bike. The travel distance is measured from the bottom of the rubber bumper on the chrome shock tube to the piston seal on the lower body tube.

Measured Dimensions:

  • Eyelet to Clevis Eyelet: 13.2"
  • Upper eyelet ID: 0.375"
  • Upper eyelet width: 0.75"
  • Clevis inside width: 0.75"
  • Clevis bolt thread: M10x1.25
These Factory Style Rear Shocks fit the following Honda Motorcycles

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