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Rear Wheel Bearing Retainer Tool
Rear Wheel Bearing Retainer Tool

Rear Wheel Bearing Retainer Tool

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CMC Part Number:9061
  • Removes OEM Parts:41231-286-000, 41231-283-000, 41231-323-020
  • Qty:Sold Individually

Select Rear Wheel Bearing Retainer Tool:
CB350 / CB360 / CB750F (#9065)
CB450 / CB750K0-K5 / CB750F / CB750A (#9062) [+$5.00]
CB550 (#9063) [+$20.00]

Part: Rear Wheel Bearing Retainer Tool for Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB550 / CB750

Why You Need This: When your Honda CB350, CB360, CB450, CB550 or CB750 rear wheel has a shimmy vibration, lateral play, or has a wobble from side to side, you are in need of a rear bearing change. These bearings are held in place by a bearing retainer - a part that is often destroyed when attempting to remove (with the improper tools). Lucky for you, Common Motor has made our very own rear bearing retainer tool to allow for easy removal, cutting down your frustration and maintenance time. The #9065 tool is made to attach to a 3/8 ratchet while the #9062 tool fits a 1/2" ratchet and both fit in the specific bearing retainer holes or grooves perfectly. Use this custom CMC tool to remove and install your rear wheel bearing retainer. If someone has attempted to remove your retainer with improper tools, pick up a new rear-wheel retainer to go with the new rear wheel bearings.

Note: Check which tool fits the model motorcycle you are working on.

*CB750K0-K5 / CB750F / CB750A has two wheel bearing retainers.

Installation Tip: These rear wheel bearing retainers have been peened into the hub to prevent movement. In order to remove the retainer properly (even with the tool) you will need to carefully drill out the peen marks. Make sure to use a new or sharp 1/8" drill bit and just ever so slightly drill past the peen mark. To make the removal easier, soak the retailer with penetrating oil and heat it thoroughly before attempting removal. Once you have replaced the bearings, use the bearing retainer tool to tighten the retainer back in place and peen back in place.

The below video was made before Common Motor made our own bearing retainer tools, so have a chuckle while you use the proper tools and follow the step-by-step instructions as needed.

These Tools remove the Rear Wheel Bearing Retainers on these Honda Motorcycles

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