Roller Drive Chain (428 Pitch)
Roller Drive Chain (428 Pitch)

Roller Drive Chain (428 Pitch)

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CMC Part Number:4228
  • OEM Part:40530-306-000, 40531-205-013, 40531-216-003, 405W3-KA8-505
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Part: Roller Drive Chain (428 Pitch) Compatible with Honda Models: CB175 (K0-K5 & K6*), CL175 (K0-K5 & K6*), SL175, CB100, CL100, SL100, CB125, CL125, SL125, CT90 Trail 90, CT110 Trail 110.

Why Choose This Chain: Safety is paramount when riding. Old roller drive chains pose risks due to rusting, stretching, or being completely missing. A new chain for your vintage Honda motorcycle isn't just a replacement—it's a safety upgrade. Especially given that many older chains lack proper maintenance. This premium chain, with solid rollers, is superior to the curled rollers found in many economy chains. It's a standard (non O-ring) 428 pitch drive chain with a clip type master link, perfect for vintage Honda models.

Your new drive chain is dry-packed with grease. However, it needs lubrication before use. Consider using Honda Genuine Chain Lube or Super Lube. For late style CB175K6/CB175K7 or CB200 models, you'll need our 520 Chain.

Note: It's essential to count your chain links (both inner and outer plates) to ensure the correct length. This is crucial for early CB175 (K0-K5) and CL175 models due to Honda factory's variable sprocket changes. Refer to the video below for guidance. The 428 pitch chain is specific to a select group of Honda motorcycles. For CB175/CL175 K6 (late) models and beyond, a 520 chain is required.

We offer customization by cutting the chain to a desired length upon request. Simply add to your cart and specify the length in the checkout comments. However, custom-cut chains are non-returnable if an incorrect length is provided. Double-check before placing an order or reach out to us directly for assistance. If you prefer to adjust the chain yourself, consider our chain breaker tool.

Factory Sprocket Tooth Count:

  • CB175:
    • K0: 16 F / 39 R *Verify chain length
    • K3-K5: 16 F / 38-39 R *Verify chain length
    • K6*: Possible 428 or 520 size chain/sprocket due to factory changes
  • CL175:
    • K0: 16 F / 39-40 R *Verify chain length
    • K3-K5: 17 F / 43 R *Verify chain length
    • K6*: Possible 428 or 520 size chain/sprocket due to factory changes
  • SL175: K0-K1: 15 or 16 F / 43 R *Verify chain length
  • CB100: 14 F / 39, 40, or 43 R
  • CL100: 4 F / 39, 40, 41, or 43 R
  • CB125: 15 F / 40 R
  • CL125: 15 F / 43 R
  • SL100: 14 F / 44, 48, or 49 R
  • SL125: 15 F / 40 R
  • CT90 / CT110: 104 Link

  • Installation Tip: Ensure the master link's retaining clip is correctly installed with the open end facing away from the chain's travel direction. Even though your chain comes dry-packed, lubricate it with Honda Genuine Chain Lube before its first ride. Maintain and check your chain every 300-500 miles / 500-800 km.

    This 428 Pitch Rolelr Drive Chain Fits These Honda Motorcycles
    CB125 S0CB125 S1CB125 S2CB125 SACB125 SACB125 SA
    CL125 S0CL125 S1CL125 S1

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