Roller Drive Chain (428 Pitch)
Roller Drive Chain (428 Pitch)

Roller Drive Chain (428 Pitch)

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CMC Part Number:U4228-175/200
  • OEM Part:40530-306-000, 40531-205-013, 40531-216-003, 405W3-KA8-505
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428 pitch roller final drive chain for vintage Honda CB175-series motorcycles.

This Part Fits the Following Honda Models

  • CB175 K0 / CB175 K3-K6
  • CL175 Scrambler K0 / CL175 Scrambler K3-K6
  • SL175 K0-K1

Why You Need This

Safety is paramount when riding. Old roller drive chains pose risks due to rusting, stretching, or being completely missing. A new chain for your vintage Honda motorcycle isn't just a replacement—it's a safety upgrade. Especially given that many older chains lack proper maintenance. This premium chain, with solid rollers, is superior to the curled rollers found in many economy chains. It's a standard (non O-ring) 428 pitch drive chain with a clip type master link, perfect for vintage Honda models.

We offer customization by cutting the chain to a desired length upon request. Simply add to your cart and specify the length in the checkout comments. However, custom-cut chains are non-returnable if an incorrect length is provided. Double-check before placing an order or reach out to us directly for assistance. If you prefer to adjust the chain yourself, consider our chain breaker tool.

NOTE: It's essential to count your chain links (both inner and outer plates) to ensure the correct length. This is crucial for early CB175 (K0-K5) and CL175 models due to Honda factory's variable sprocket changes. Refer to the video below for guidance. The 428 pitch chain is specific to a select group of Honda motorcycles. For CB175/CL175 K6 (late) models and beyond, a 520 chain is required.

Factory Sprocket Tooth Count


  • K0: 16 Front / 35 Rear (verify chain length)
  • K3-K5: 16 Front / 38-39 Rear (verify chain length)
  • K6: Possible 428 or 520 size chain/sprocket due to factory changes

CL175 Scrambler

  • K0: 16 Front / 39-40 Rear (verify chain length)
  • K3-K5: 17 Front / 43 Rear (verify chain length)
  • K6: Possible 428 or 520 size chain/sprocket due to factory changes.


  • K0-K1: 15-16 Front / 43 Rear (verify chain length)

Installation Tip

Ensure the master link's retaining clip is correctly installed with the open end facing away from the chain's travel direction. Even though your chain comes dry-packed in grease, lubricate it with Honda Genuine Chain Lube before its first ride. Maintain and check your chain every 300-500 miles / 500-800 km.
This 428 Pitch Roller Drive Chain Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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