Roller Drive Chain (520 Pitch)
Roller Drive Chain (520 Pitch)

Roller Drive Chain (520 Pitch)

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CMC Part Number:U4229
  • OEM Part:405W3-434-505, 40530-343-003, 40530-343-005, 40530-343-015, 40531-343-003, 40531-343-005
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Part: Roller Drive Chain (520 Pitch) for Honda CB175 (K6&K7), CL175 (K6&K7) Scrambler, CB200, CL200, SL350 (K1&K2)

Why You Need This: Old roller drive chains are often stretched out, stiff, rusty, crusty, and or altogether missing. Drive chains are a top item that we suggest swapping out to get your vintage Honda motorcycle back on the road. Chances are the roller drive chain on your barn find hasn't seen lube in many years - and many times lubing the chain is often overlooked during maintenance. For your safety and peace of mind, change out your old roller chain on your vintage Honda.

Featuring solid rollers, versus curled rollers (common to the super cheap-o economy chain) our high-quality chain is a standard (non O-ring) drive chain with a clip type master link @ 520 pitch. It's always best to make sure to count your links (inner and outer plates) to get the right length. Chains arrive to you cut to the specified length for your Honda CB175, CL175 Scrambler, CB200 or the quirky SL350 K1 & K2 variants. The drive chain comes dry-packed with grease, but it must be lubricated before use. Pick up some Honda Genuine Chain Lube or some old-fashioned Super Lube and get riding.

Note: The 520 pitch chain was only used on a limited number of Honda motorcycles listed below based on manufacturing generation. CB175 / CL175 K5 and down use a smaller 428 pitch chain and the SL350 K0 uses a 530 pitch roller chain.

Factory Chain Lengths Based on Factory Sprocket Tooth Count:

  • CB175 K6* - (*starting at VIN# CB175-7000001) - 14 F / 33 R = 102 Link * Count to confirm
  • CL175 K6* - (*starting at VIN# CL175-7000001-7030148) - 17 F / 43 R = 102 Link * Count to confirm
  • CB175 K7 - 102 Link * Count to confirm
  • CB200 - 15 F / 35 R = 94 Link * Count to confirm
  • CL200 - 15 F / 37 R = 96 Link * Count to confirm
  • SL350 K1 / K2 - 16 F / 40 R = 102 Link * Count to confirm

Installation Tip: Make sure that the master link is installed correctly - with the retaining clip open end facing opposite the chain's direction of travel. Even though the chain comes grease packed or dry and it must be cleaned and lubricated prior to use. We recommend Honda Genuine Chain Lube over gear oil. Remember to lubricate and inspect your chain every 300-500 miles / 500-800 km.

This Drive Chain Fits These Honda Motorcycles
1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976
175 CB175K6 CB175K7
CL175K6 CL175K7
200 CB200K0 CB200K0 CB200T CB200T
350 SL350K1 SL350K2 SL350K2

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