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Honda SL350 K1 / K2 Front Drum Brake Shoes
Honda SL350 K1 / K2 Front Drum Brake Shoes

Honda SL350 K1 / K2 Front Drum Brake Shoes

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CMC Part Number:1035
  • Replaces OEM Part:45120-354-670, 45120-235-000, 45133-235-000
  • Qty:Sold Individually

Part: Front Drum Brake Shoes for Honda CB175, CL175 Scrambler, SL175, CL200, SL350 (K1 & K2)

Why You Need This Part: If you have not rebuilt the brakes on your Honda CB175, CL175 or late SL350 K1 or K2 it is about time you do so. The friction lining on those 40-year-old brake shoes is typically worn through or worse; its brittle, crumbling or the friction material is starting to de-laminate form the shoe body. Best not to ride around on a motorcycle to questionable drum brakes. Remember, your front brake provides 80% of the stopping power of the bike, so make sure it is functioning at its best. Our high quality front drum brake shoes for the Honda CB175, CL175 Scrambler or late SL350 K1 & K2 are made in Europe. Shoes do not include return springs, you must re-use the originals.

 While you are replacing the front drum shoes, take the opportunity to replace your front brake cable to ensure the smooth operation of your front brake system. Riding around with a frayed or damaged front brake cable can be just as dangerous as crusty old brake shoes.

Note: These shoes are for the smaller SL350 K1 & K2 drum brakes. The SL350 K0 uses the CB350 front drum brake shoes.

Installation Tip: Apply a light coat of brake caliper grease (from the auto parts store) to the shoes pivot points for butter smooth operation. Make sure not to get any grease on the friction surface. Sand the surface of the inside of the brake drum with some 80 grit sand paper to remove the glaze and any rust from the drum surface.

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