Rear Wheel Bearing Kit | Honda SL100 / SL125
Rear Wheel Bearing Kit | Honda SL100 / SL125

Rear Wheel Bearing Kit | Honda SL100 / SL125

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CMC Part Number:K10033
  • Replaces OEM Part:91257-230-003
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UP: Rear Wheel Bearings (Rear Drum)
#10052 (X2)
UP: Wheel Bearing Dust Seal
#10050 (x1)


Rear wheel bearing kit for vintage Honda SL100 and SL125 singles.

This Part Fits the Following Honda Models

  • SL100 K0-K3
  • SL125 K0-K2

Why You Need This

After five or so decades and thousands of miles of service, the wheel bearings on your vintage Honda SL100 / SL125 are likely worn out. If your rear wheel feels crunchy when you turn it, squeals when turning, is oozing or spraying grease everywhere, or if it has a lot of lateral play, then it's time to replace that wheel bearing. We offer this high-quality rear wheel bearing kit to replace your worn, busted, OEM unit. Each kit comes with two sealed bearings with ample grease for both the drive side and brake side and a dust seal. They are a perfect match for the old OEM-style bearings and will provide you with years of trouble-free service.

Installation Tip

Place the new bearing in the freezer for a few hours before installing. This will shrink the bearing slightly and make installation easier. Use a heat gun on the hub to expand the aluminum, making removing the old bearings and installing the new ones quicker and easier. A large socket or a tube just smaller than the new bearing's outer race should be used to drive in the new bearings. Do not press on the inner race or the blue dust covers as you will damage the bearing while installing it.

This Rear Wheel Bearing Kit Fits the Following Honda Motorcycles

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