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Honda SL350 Carburetor Rebuild Kit (K1&K2)
Honda SL350 Carburetor Rebuild Kit (K1&K2)

Honda SL350 Carburetor Rebuild Kit (K1&K2)

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Item: Honda SL350 Carburetor Rebuild Kit (K1&K2) - Sold Individually

Why You Need This: The Honda SL350 is a quirky beast to say the least. Each year of the production of the bike it underwent significant changes which makes parts compatibility tough. Case and point, the carburetors used in the SL350 K1 and K2 bikes, which are of a pull slide design over the CV style carbs found on the CB350 and CL350 (however the SL350 K0 uses CV style carburetors). Like any old bike carb rebuilds are par for course and our carburetor rebuild kits will get your bike taken care of. Sold individually, one kit rebuilds one carburetor, two kits will be needed per bike. Finish the job up with a fresh throttle cable and nylon throttle sleeve.

This Honda SL350 Carburetor Rebuild Kit includes the following parts:
  • Float Needle & Seat
  • Float Bowl Gasket
  • Top Cap Gasket
  • Slide Needle w/ Retainer Clip
  • Main Jet #120
  • Idle (Pilot) Jet #40
  • Idle Speed Adjustment Screw & Spring
  • Idle Speed Mixture Screw & Spring
  • Float Bowl Drain Plug O-Ring

Installation Tip: Make sure to perform a bench sync on the carburetors before you install them on the bike.

This Honda SL350 Carburetor Rebuild Kit Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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