Front Chain Sprocket | Honda SL350 K1&K2
Honda SL350 K1&K2 Front Sprocket

Front Chain Sprocket | Honda SL350 K1&K2

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CMC Part Number:U4622
  • Replaces OEM Part:23801-312-010
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15 Tooth (#4623)
16 Tooth (#4624)

Part Details

Part: Front Chain Sprocket for Honda SL350 K1&K2

Importance of Replacement

Why This Is Essential: On vintage motorcycles, like the Honda SL350 K1&K2, sprockets stand out as regular wear items. Ensuring proper chain adjustment and lubrication can prolong their lifespan. However, depending on previous care and mileage, your front sprocket may show signs of wear. If you notice thin, pointy teeth and uneven wear, it's an indication that a replacement is due.

Product Features

Our replacement sprockets, crafted from premium steel, perfectly match the original sprocket that came with your Honda SL350 K1&K2. We offer front sprockets in two tooth counts: 15T & 16T. These are designed to align with the factory drive ratio and are compatible with a 520 pitch drive chain. Whatever tooth count you choose, these sprockets will seamlessly fit the specified models, allowing you to adjust the tooth count ratio to your preferred riding style.

Compatibility Note

Our sprockets will not be compatible with the Honda SL350 K0 model, as it requires a 530 pitch roller chain.

Installation Tips

Guidance: Altering the tooth count on the front sprocket modifies your motorcycle's final drive ratio. Opting for fewer teeth can boost acceleration at the expense of top speed, while a higher tooth count improves top speed but might diminish acceleration. When switching sprocket sizes, it's vital to pair it with a new drive chain, trimmed to the right length. For lubrication, we highly recommend Honda Genuine Chain Lube, which outperforms standard gear oil.

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