Spark Plug (NGK D8EA) | Honda CL200 / CB200
Spark Plug (NGK D8EA) | Honda CL200 / CB200

Spark Plug (NGK D8EA) | Honda CL200 / CB200

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  • Replaces OEM Part:98069-58717, 98069-58717-S, 98069-58720, 98069-58721,
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Part: Honda CB200 / CL200 Spark Plugs NGK D8EA

Why You Need This: Near the top of the list of standard vintage motorcycle maintenance for your CB200 / CL200 Scrambler is a simple spark plug swap. Not all plugs that fit the threads in your engine are the right match for your CB200. There is a pretty good chance at some point in your CB200's life, an incorrect plug has ended up in the engine. The correct spark plug for your CB200 / CL200 Scrambler is an NGK D8EA. Sold individually, you will need two in order to get back on the road. When doing carburetor jet tuning, get a few sets to read what color the fuel mixture is turning the porcelain tip base. Our long reach spark plug socket will be handy taking out these small 18mm hex size NGK D8EA's.

Note: CB200 & CL200 engine are based on the CB175, however, the models use a different size spark plug.

Installation Tip: Each spark plug will come with a terminal nut on it so unscrew the terminal nut on top of the plug to expose the threads. More information can be found in our article on how to remove the spark plug terminal nut. Gap the new D8EA's to .030" and lightly coat the threads with oil. Thread by hand and then tighten until snug.

This NGK D8EA Spark Plug is used on these Honda Motorcycles

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