Heidenau Vintage Street Tire
Block : 18" x 3.50" & 18" x 4.00"

Heidenau Vintage Street Tire

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CMC Part Number:HVST
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Part: Heidenau Vintage Street Motorcycle Tire - Fits CB175 / CL175 / SL175 / CB200 / CL200 / CB350 / CL350 / SL350 / CB360 / CL360 / CJ360 / CB450 / CL450 / CB500T / CB500K / CB550 / CB750 Motorcycles.

Note: Tires do not ship outside of the USA. Domestic flat-rate shipping is $20 per tire. Tires ship separately and do not qualify for promotions or free shipping.

Why You Need This: The tire options for vintage Honda CB and CL motorcycles have become limited due to new industry standards. To keep your bike looking original without sacrificing performance, Heidenau offers the perfect solution. With over 70 years of experience in making premium motorcycle tires in Germany, Heidenau specializes in vintage styles that combine period-correct tread patterns and sizes with modern rubber technology.

The Heidenau vintage street tires, available in two classic tread patterns — ribbed for front-specific use and block pattern for either front or rear use (make sure to follow the rotation arrow) — will make your Honda CB350, CB360, CB450, or CB550 look as if it's fresh from the dealer. These tires are made from ultra sticky rubber compounds for superior performance. Although ideal for Honda CB models, they are also suitable for Honda CL350, CL360, or CL450 scramblers. The tires are tube type and "S" speed rated, suitable for speeds up to 112 mph / 180 km/h at maximum load and pressure.

It's surprising how many old bikes still run on original tires from over 40 years ago. These aged tires might have some tread and hold air, but they're not safe for the road — especially with visible cracks in the sidewalls. It's time to replace them, along with the necessary tubes and rim strips. Our balance bead kit also makes balancing your tires at home straightforward.

Installation Tip: If your tires have balance marks (double red dots), align them with the tube's valve stem. Be mindful of the tire's rotational direction. Some tires are specific to front or rear mounting. Using baby powder inside the tire and on the tube facilitates installation, and glass cleaner (such as Windex) is effective as a lubricant between the tire and rim. Inflate the tire before mounting it on the bike to ensure the tube is not pinched.

Tire Fitment Compatibility:
REGULAR = Acceptable Replacement Size & Location
(BOLD) = OEM Size, Style & Location
F = Front Tire
R = Rear Tire
F / R = Front or Rear Tire
Vintage Street Tire Compatibility

18" x 2.75"

18" x 3.50"

18" x 4.00"
18" x 90/90
18" x 3.60"
19" x 3.25"
SL175 R RR F
CB350F / (R)R(F)F
CL350 R R   F
SL350 K0 R F
SL350 K1-K2 R  
CB360F / (R)R(F)F
CJ360F / (R)R(F)F
CB450 K0-K2 F / (R)R 
CB450 K3-K7 (R)R   (F)
CL450 R R   F
CB500T R(R) (F)
CB500K R R  (F)
CB550K (R) (F)
CB550F (R) (F)
CB750 (R)(F)

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