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Petcock | Honda CB175 / CB200
Honda CB175 / CB200 Petcock

Petcock | Honda CB175 / CB200

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CMC Part Number:6149
  • Replaces OEM Part:16950-389-670, 16950-336-005, 16950-240-000
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Part: Petcock for Honda CB175 / CB200 Motorcycles

Why You Need This: The fuel valve or petcock is frequently missing or decayed parts on vintage Honda motorcycles fuel system. Our new, ready to install longbody style* petcock offers an easy fix to this problem. This CMC aftermarket petcock is high quality, and comes assembled with fresh rubber gaskets and new filter screen.

Note: *long body style - The early Honda CB175 (but not the CL175 Scramblers) series of motorcycles originally used a very similar petcock that has a shorter or "short" body style petcock on the gas tank. The "long" body style version fuel valve showed up on the CB200, but is fully but are reverse compatible with all the CB175 gas tank variations that used the "short" version. When using this petcock on the CB175K6 - K7 fuel tanks, the lever on the petcock is a snug fit against the edge of the fuel tank where the plastic chrome trim is located when putting the petcock into "reserve" position.

Note 2: This petcock is used on the CL175K0 sloper tank. 

Funny enough Honda use a different petcock design for the CL175K3 - K7 & CL200 series gas tanks and this "long" body style petcock (#6149) is not used on the scrambler tanks. If you are looking to replace the fuel valve on your CL175 or CL200, our #6007 petcock is just what you need.

If you are looking to repair your factory Honda Keihin petcock or rebuild this CMC #6149 petcock for CB175 / CB200, take a look at our petcock rebuild kit, and replacement brass filter screen.

Installation Tip: Clean your tank well. White vinegar can help get rid of the old filth; immediately rinse with WD-40 to prevent flash rust. Replace the gas cap, and pop the fuel valve in. Finish the job off with some new fuel line.

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