Posi-Lock Electrical Connectors (10-Pack)
Posi-Lock Electrical Connectors (10-Pack)

Posi-Lock Electrical Connectors (10-Pack)

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CMC Part Number:U3500
  • Qty:Sold In 10-Packs

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16-24 Gauge - Red (#3234)
14-16 Gauge - Blue (#3098)
10-12 Gauge - Yellow (#3097) (+$0.40)

Part: Posi-Lock Electrical Connectors 10-Pack

Why You Need This: In order to to an electrical wiring repair job correctly, it requires specialty tools and supplies (wire strippers, soldering iron, heat shrink, proper terminal crimpers, zip ties) and the know how to get the work done. While we know everyone would repair electrical connectors the proper way, time and convenience tends to win in most situations. This is why we are excited to offer Posi-Locks, a high quality (made in USA), reusable wire connectors that install in minutes, without special tools that offer a EZ and semi-permanent solution for electrical repairs.

Posi-Locks come in multiple sizes (color coded for different gauge wires), are vibration proof, and can be taken apart and re-installed multiple times. Of course the cave man that owed your vintage Honda CL350 Scrambler or CB750 street machine before you, fixed that chaffed wire with the cheapest of cheap auto parts store "butt" splices connectors and smashed them in place using a rock as a hammer... Time to evolve and keep handful of Posi-Locks in your tool kit of your CB350, CB360 or CB450 (or for just about any bike).

Sold in bags of 10, and available to work with wire gauge sizes 10 through 24 gauge. Make sure to buy the correct size for the wires you are working with (most wires on the vintage Honda's are 16 gauge).

Watch our video to see how to install the Posi-Locks as well as the other awesome Posi-Products like the fuse holders for glass tube fuses and blade fuses as well as Posi-Tap (wire tap) that allow a wire splice just as quick and easy as the locks. We have been using these on our bikes for thousands of miles and only have great things to say about them.

Check out these other Posi-Products now available for your vintage Honda Motorcycle:

Installation Tip: Strip about 1/4" (6 mm) of insulation off each end of the wire, insert the threaded caps over the ends of the wire and slightly fan out the loose strands of wire. Do not twist the ends of the wire prior to installing them in the threaded cap. Install the cap and wire into the body of the lock and begin to thread the cap in place, while keeping pressure on the wire while tightening the cap to the body. Once snug, give the wire a gentle tug to see if it has locked properly, it should not move or pull out. If it does try again, you may need to strip just a hair more of insulation off the wire. The wires of the Honda wiring harnesses are 16 gauge, while the blue Posi-locks are the rated size we find using the Red Posi-Locks for single wire repairs works as well.

These Posi-Twist Connectors are used on these Honda Motorcycles

*The CB750K0 was released in June 1969 and was produced until the release of the CB750K1 in late September 1970.

5 Stars
Best connectors around
So much easier to use than any other connectors out there I'm aware of. I've been using them on my car's wiring system upgrade in some places and has been a breeze… they connect/disconnect quickly making diagnosing issues easy as well. Is a shame they're so expensive or I would've used these exclusively.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Santa Monica. on 3/12/2020
5 Stars
I just used these as they were part of the installation package for Clearwater Lights for my motorcycle. These connectors are easy to use, extremely effective, and re-usable. If you make a mistake and need to shorten your wiring to tuck it away, you won't need to throw out the old ones away and grab another connector. Just unscrew, remove the wire, and reuse. Plus, these are Made in the USA! They are better for the environment as they can be reused and not thrown into the trash, they are very easy to connect, and they work very well! They are a trifecta! Yes, they cost a little more than others, but I always get a positive connection and can reuse them with ease. I bought more of these to have them on hand,.
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Washington State. on 4/23/2020

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