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Posi-Lock Glass Tube Fuse Holder
Posi-Lock Glass Tube Fuse Holder

Posi-Lock Glass Tube Fuse Holder

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CMC Part Number:3063
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Optional Add On Parts:
#3028 - Honda CB360 / CB500T Glass Fuses 7A [+$5.00]
#3029 - Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 Glass Fuses 15A [+$5.00]

Part: Posi-Lock Universal Glass Tube Fuse Holder

Applications Supported:

  • CB175 | CL175 | SL175
  • CB200 | CL200
  • CB350 | CL350 | SL350
  • CB360 | CL360 | CJ360
  • CB450 | CL450 | CB500t
  • CB500k | CB550 | CB750

Why You Need This: Back when your Vintage Honda CB350, CL360 Scrambler or even a CB750 Super Sport rolled off the factory floor, glass tube fuses were the commonplace in all bikes (and cars too).

As time has moved on, the automotive industry changed to blade style fuses, thus making glass tube fuses increasingly difficult to find. While the amperage values we need are still present, the correct length and diameter fuses are like hen's teeth. Sure the local autoparts store has "some" glass fuses, but more often than not they are not correct and if you are lucky, they can be fudged to work... sort of. Let's add some decay to the questionable plastic factory Honda fuse holders or fuse boxes that came standard on all these motorcycles and watch the "electrical safety net" of your bikes wiring harness crumble in your hands. The quick fix has always been some cheapo auto parts store universal fuse holder that again only works with the "right length" fuse, which nobody ever figured out. And so we are back with the same issue we started with...

Lucky for you we discovered the Posi-Lock Glass Tube Fuse Holder. This is the best universal glass fuse holder we have ever used! High quality (made in the USA) and easy to install. This is perfect for the older Hondas like the CB175, CL175, CB350, CL350 Scrambler, CB450 and the CL450, which all use a single 15A (amp) glass tube fuse for the entire wiring harness.

The beauty of the Posi-Lock Glass Tube Fuse Holder is it can fit ANY length or diameter automotive style glass tube fuse you can find (of course you still need to be running the correct amperage). That fact alone makes it more universal than anything on the market (maybe its just from a larger universe...) The Posi-Lock Glass Tube Fuse Holder installs in minutes without special tools, is vibration proof and easily splices into the factory wiring harness for quick repair.

If you are wanting to modernize the wiring harness on you vintage Honda motorcycle, check out the Posi-Lock Blade Fuse Holder which will allow you to use standard or mini blade fuses. This is a better solution for the CB360, CL360, CB500T, CB550 and CB750 that all use a multi fuse set up in the wiring harness. Fuse location can easily be moved moved with minimal modification.

Sold individually and available to work with wire gauge sizes 14 through 24 gauge (most wires on the vintage Honda's are 16 gauge).

Check out our video to see how to install the Posi-Lock Glass Tube Fuse Holder as well as the other awesome Posi-Products. We have thousands of miles of successful riding using the Posi electrical connectors.

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Installation Tip: Strip about 1/4" (6 mm) of insulation off each end of the wire, insert the threaded caps over the ends of the wire and slightly fan out the loose strands of wire. Do not twist the ends of the wire prior to installing them in the threaded cap. Install the cap and wire into the body of the lock and begin to thread the cap in place, while keeping pressure on the wire while tightening the cap to the body. Once snug, give the wire a gentle tug to see if it has locked properly, it should not move or pull out. If it does try again, you may need to strip just a hair more of insulation off the wire. Insert your fuse and tightened down the housing until it makes contact with your fuse and that is it! You have now installed your glass tube fuse.

These Posi-Lock Glass Tube Fuse Holders can be used on these Honda Motorcycles
750 CB750K0 CB750K0/K1 CB750K1 CB750K2 CB750K3 CB750K4 CB750K5 CB750K6 CB750K7 CB750K8
CB750F0 CB750F1 CB750F2 CB750F3
CB750A CB750A CB750A

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