Rear Chain Sprocket | Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175
Rear Sprocket for Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175 with 428 pitch drive chain

Rear Chain Sprocket | Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175

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CMC Part Number:U4610
  • Replaces OEM Part:41200-342-000, 41201-107-670, 41200-343-000
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38 Tooth (#4611)
40 Tooth (#4612)
43 Tooth (#4613)

Part: Rear Sprocket for CB175 K3-K6 / CL175 K0-K6 Scrambler / SL175 K0&K1 Motorcycles - 428 pitch

Why You Need This: With time, high mileage and improper chain adjustment the rear drive chain sprocket on your vintage Honda CB175, CL175 Scrambler or SL175 will wear out and need replacement. When the sprocket is worn, the teeth get thin and pointy showing asymmetrical wear pattern. When you see this, it is time for a fresh new rear sprocket. Our replacement rear drive chain sprockets for your Honda CB175 / CL175 Scrambler / SL175 are made with top quality steel just like the originals, come in three different tooth counts (38T, 40T, 43T) and all use the factory 428 pitch size chain.

Regardless of tooth count, each of these sprockets will fit the hub of any of the Honda models listed in the chart below.

Here are the original factory size rear sprockets for the following models:

  • CB175 K3-K6: 38 Tooth
  • CL175 K0 Scrambler: 40 Tooth
  • CL175 K3-K6 Scrambler: 43 Tooth
  • SL175 K0&K1: 43 Tooth

When you are replacing your rear drive chain sprocket you should also install a fresh drive chain and new front sprocket.

Note: The CB175 K7 / CL175 K7 & CB200 series of bikes use a larger 520 chain pitch sprocket set up from the factory. However they can be converted to use the smaller 428 sprockets for a larger variety of tooth count size options.

Installation Tip: Keep the nuts to the drive studs loose until the sprocket is centered on the hub and the snap large snap ring is installed. Then slowly torque the sprocket drive studs to the proper value in the service manual in a criss-cross pattern and tap the retainer lock tabs back into place. Make sure to use chain lube on the new sprockets and a new chain. Keep in mind the chain length (link count) and install the proper length chain to work with your front & rear sprocket combination. You can change to a different number of teeth on rear sprockets, thus changing the final drive ratio of your bike. Fewer teeth will give better top end speed but reduced acceleration. More teeth will give better low end acceleration, but reduced top speed. If you need help figuring out the correct chain length see this article.

These Rear Sprockets fit the Following Honda Motorcycles

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