Rotor Puller Tool | Honda CT90 / CB100 / CB125
Rotor Puller Tool | Honda CT90 / CB100 / CB125

Rotor Puller Tool | Honda CT90 / CB100 / CB125

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Rotor Puller for Honda CT90, CB100, CL100 Scrambler, CB125, CL125 Scrambler motorcycles

This Part Fits the Following Honda Models

  • CT90 K0-K9
  • CB100 K0-K2
  • CL100 Scrambler K0-K3
  • CB125 S0-S2 / CB125 SA
  • CL125 Scrambler S0-S1

Why You Need This

When servicing your vintage Honda CT90 / CB100 / CL100 Scrambler / CB125 / CL125 Scrambler you may need to remove the rotor (flywheel) mounted to the left side of the crankshaft. The rotor is pressed onto the crankshaft and held in place by a Woodruff key, and removing the rotor requires a special tool called a rotor puller. Our rotor puller was designed specifically for use with the CT90 and also fit the CB100 / CB125 families of bikes. This is an essential addition to your toolbox for any service work on your small Honda single cylinder engine.

Usage Tip

Use some oil or light grease to lubricate the rotor puller's threads before use. You will probably have to use a half-inch drive ratchet to use the puller with enough torque. An automotive-style oil filter wrench can hold the rotor in place when using the puller. Keep an eye out for the half-moon-shaped Woodruff key that will drop out off the end of the crankshaft.

This Rotor Puller Tool Fits the Following Honda Motorcycles

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