Tire Lever & Bead Holder Kit
Tire Changing Kit

Tire Lever & Bead Holder Kit

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UP: Tire Bead Holder
Optional Add-On Part:
Tire Tamer Tool (#9042) (+$30.00)

Tool: Deluxe Tire Lever (aka Tire Spoons / Tire Iron) & Tire Bead Holder Tool Kit for Honda CB175, CL175, SL175 / CB200, CL200 / CB350, CL350, SL350 / CB360, CL360, CJ360 / CB450, CL450, CB500T / CB500K, CB550K CB550F / CB750 motorcycles.

Why You Need This: There are many out there that think motorcycle tire changes require a big fancy machine to get the job done. Nuts to that! Truth is, tire & tube changes can be done just about anywhere (even the side of the road) with only a few simple hand tools and some know how (which is part of the CMC philosophy). We are proud to offer our own Common Motor brand tire change tool kit which includes two premium tire levers and our "Outer Rim" tire bead holder tool.

Tire levers are 16.5" (420 mm) long with a hearty 1/2" (12.5 mm) diameter forged steel shaft, and a 1.3" (30 mm) wide spoon, zinc plated and feature an easy grip rubber coated, plastic handle to tackle the toughest of tires. Our "Outer Rim" tire bead holder is made from extruded anodized aluminum with nylon lock nut to keep from scratching the rim. The tire bead holder tool is used only when installing a tire back on a rim, it holds the bead down and keeps it from popping up over the edge of the rim while prying the tire back on the rim. The "Outer Rim" is a super handy tool to keep in your road tool kit, for mobile tire changes. All tools proudly have the Common Motor logo laser etched in them, as a symbol of quality of all the parts we carry and use ourselves here in the shop. Add the optional Tire Tamer Tool and your tire change tool kit will be complete.

Installation Tip: Use glass cleaner or soapy water to help lubricate the bead of the tire going over the edge of the rim. Inflate your tube just enough to take shape and cover with talcum powder to keep it from sticking on the inside of the tire. Sprinkle talcum powder inside the tire also to help prevent further sticking. When using the levers, take small "bites" when prying the tire bead over the edge of the rim. Small bites make it easy for the tire to stretch over the rim and is manageable and helps prevent pinch flats on the tube. Use the "Outer Rim" to hold the bead in place when reinstalling a tire on a rim. Make sure to never have the last part of the tire bead pop on right next to the valve stem as it is the most difficult part for the tire bead to be pried on to.
These Premium Tire Levers are used on these Honda Motorcycles
1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978
CT90 CT90K0 CT90K0 CT90K0 CT90K1 CT90K2 CT90K3 CT90K4 CT90K4 CT90K5 CT90K6 CT90K7 CT90K8 CT90K9
CB100K0 CB100K1 CB100K2 CB100K2 CB100K2 CB100K2
CL100K0 CL100K1 CL100K2 CL100K3
CB125 S0 CB125 S1 CB125 S2 CB125 SA CB125 SA CB125 SA
CL125 S0 CL125 S1 CL125 S1
175 CB175K0 CB175K3 CB175K4 CB175K5 CB175K6 CB175K7
CL175K0 CL175K3 CL175K4 CL175K5 CL175K6 CL175K7
SL175K0 SL175K1 SL175K1
200 CB200K0 CB200K0 CB200T CB200T
350 CB350K0 CB350K1 CB350K2 CB350K3 CB350K4 CB350K5
CL350K0 CL350K1 CL350K2 CL350K3 CL350K4 CL350K5
SL350K0 SL350K0 SL350K1 SL350K2 SL350K2
360 CB360G CB360T CB360T
CL360K0 CL360K1 CJ360T CJ360T
CB450K0 CB450K0 CB450K0 CB450K1 CB450K2 CB450K3 CB450K4 CB450K5 CB450K6 CB450K7 CB500T CB500T
CL450K0 CL450K1 CL450K2 CL450K3 CL450K4 CL450K5 CL450K5 CL450K6
CB350F CB350F CB350F CB400F CB400F CB400F
CB500K0 CB500K1 CB500K2 CB550K0 CB550K1 CB550K CB550K CB550K
CB550F CB550F CB550F
750 CB750K0 CB750K0/K1 CB750K1 CB750K2 CB750K3 CB750K4 CB750K5 CB750K6 CB750K7 CB750K8
CB750F0 CB750F1 CB750F2 CB750F3
CB750A CB750A CB750A
5 Stars
Quality Tools
These are high quality tools that made changing a tire amazingly easy. They are longer than other tire tools that I looked at and very sturdy. I also got the optional tire tamer which made putting the valve in much easier. I recommend these tools.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from PA. on 1/2/2021
5 Stars
Awesome quality!
These tools are no joke. They are heavy duty and make wrestling the tire onto or off of the rim much easier!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Durham NC. on 3/26/2021
5 Stars
Worked as advertised. I had never done this before and ended up wrecking one tube, but the how to video was a huge help. it is possible to do a tire swap without the tire tamer but I would recommend it if you plan on doing it more than once in your life. Its costs about as much as buying an extra tube
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from south dakota . on 6/7/2021
5 Stars
Easy Tire Change
This was my first time changing a motorcycle tire, and it was much easier than I had anticipated. The tire bead holding tool makes all the difference when putting the new tire onto the rim. I was skeptical of the set screw which is made of some kind of polymer, but after using it, I can confirm that it is very strong, and it doesn't scratch the rim (which it would do if the screw was metal). Another great and well thought out tool. Thanks CMC!!
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Perrin, Texas. on 7/12/2021

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