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Tire Tamer Tool
Tire Tamer Tool

Tire Tamer Tool

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Part: Tire Tamer Tire Changing Tool

Why You Need This: Changing or installing an inner tube on a motorcycle tire can be a real pain in the ass without the right tools. As luck has it, Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB550 all have spoked rims, which require the use of inner tubes, for the tires. The hardest part of the whole process is getting the valve stem of the inner tube installed into the rim. Sounds easy, until you realize that there is not enough room to get your fingers in between the tire, tube and rim to position the valve stem in place. Welcome the next 20 minutes of finger pinching, swearing and frustration for such a simple task. The tire tamer tool keeps the job quick and simple like it should be by bending up the edge of the tire so there is enough space to get the tube in and keeping all the skin on your fingers. This is a must if you are changing out tires frequently or if you are tired of loosing skin off your knuckles. Once we started using one of these, we have never looked back! Use the time tamer with our tire levers, bead popper, and balance bead kit and you will have all the tools necessary to change motorcycle tires and tubes yourself no fancy equipment needed here.

Installation Tip: Install one of the two tire beads on the rim first. Use some window cleaner to help keep things lubricated. Partially inflate your tube to give it shape. Cover the outside of the tube with baby power, and sprinkle baby powder inside the tire as well. Now begin tucking the tube in the tire, and use the tamer tool to pull back the edge of the tire bead so that the valve stem can be installed in the rim. Reference minute 12:31 in our video to see the tool used in context.

This Tire Tamer Can Be Used On The Following Honda Motorcycles

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